Grounded Best Base Building Location Guide – Where to Built the Best Base

Grounded Best Base Building Location Guide

This Grounded Best Base Building Location Guide will show the best base building location you can find on the map. This location allows you to build a base that is high enough to stay risk-free and also has lower risks of Soldier Ants damaging the base from below.

This location was found by the Reddit user Bschoenfeld, who provided the images of their location on the map, and the type of base that they built on top. The best thing about the base seems to be that it is pretty untouchable as it sits on top of the grass and allows no way for insects to reach you.

Grounded Best Base Building Location Guide

Below we have detailed how to build the best base location in the game.

Where to Build the Best Base

According to Bschoenfeld, the base is pretty high up in the ground and the location is just a little north of the location on the map. An image of the location from the map can be seen below:

Grounded Best Base Building Location Guide

When you reach the location, you will find a dead leaf with a small twig standing against it. This is your way up which you think of as a staircase leading to the top. When you reach the top, start building your base with grass floors and walls, and use the twig to get up and down to your base. The twig is untouchable and unbreakable by enemies, and it is the only link to your base, which means that it is quite safe from any danger.

Grounded Best Base Building Location Guide

As you can see in the images shared by Bschoenfeld, the base sits comfortably on top of the blades of grass, while you can also see the twig that leads up to the base. Pretty neat trick if you ask us, and it comes in very handy. Now you don’t have to worry about Soldier Ants destroying your base anymore, and can relax while you set out on your adventure.

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This concludes our Grounded Best Base Building Location Guide. Post your comments below.

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