Grounded Mantis Boss Guide – How to Get Mantis Kebab, Find Mantis Boss

Grounded Mantis Boss Guide

The Mantis is one of the main bosses that you will be looking to beat in Grounded, but getting to it requires an important item while battling this powerful boss is another big challenge. This Grounded Mantis Boss Guide will first show you how to get a Mantis Kebab, and then how to beat the Mantis boss in the end.

Mantis Kebab is an important item for this boss battle as it is required to bring out the boss in the fight. This means that you need to hunt down the Mantis Kebab recipe, find ingredients, cook it, and then take it to where the boss can be found. Beating the boss gives you some of the game’s best gear that you can equip on your character.

Grounded Mantis Boss Guide

Before you head out hunting the Mantis Boss, you will need Mantis Kebab, which can only be made once you have its recipe and ingredients. In addition, the recipe also asks for Broodmother Chunks, obtained when you beat the Broodmother boss. However, at this point, you might already have beaten the boss and likely have the parts if you haven’t used them on crafting other items. If that is the case, you can always go hunt the boss again for the Broodmother Chunks.

How to Get Mantis Kebab

As mentioned before, Mantis Kebab will first require you to get the Mantis Kebab recipe. This recipe can be found in the Stump Lab Outpost, all the way northeast on the map. It is one of the most dangerous areas along with a tricky pathway that will challenge you all the way down inside the abandoned lab outpost. Starting with the bugs, you will run into many dangers like Wolf Spiders, swarms of Ticks, and Tiger Mosquitoes that will never shy from attacking and killing your character.

The Lab entrance is through a vertical tube that you need to descend in and reach the bottom where it will be inside Door A. Check out our guide which explains how to get down this lab and access the locked door where you can find the recipe.

Once you have the recipe, it will list the following ingredients you need to have before you can cook:

  • 1x Splinter
  • 5x Broodmother Chunks
  • 2x Fire Ant Heads

With the ingredients and the recipe, you can make a Mantis Kebab using a Grounded Oven and prepare for the Mantis Boss fight.

How to Beat Mantis Boss

With the Mantis Kebab in hand, you can now head over to the Shed in the backyard, marking the start of a tough boss fight ahead. Having good armor is key, but you also need a Salty weapon that has a chopping action as this is the only way you can deal any damage to the boss.

The moment you begin the fight, the Mantis dishes out a relentless attack to introduce its dangerous nature. It will try to swipe at you from left and right, forcing you to step back. When the boss jumps back away from you, it is at this point you should back away as well and create as much distance between the two of you, preferably taking cover at the pillar.

The second phase will begin when you have dealt enough damage to the boss, it will bring two new attacks, starting with a scream that will not only damage you but also lower your stamina recovery time. This attack is followed by a combo attack that can cause bleed damage, while it also sprays out pollen that will slow your movement. Staying in the pollen will significantly weaken you as your speed will be slowed down greatly.

In the final phase, the boss will send out shockwaves that you need to dodge either left or right while continuing with your attacks.

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This concludes our Grounded Mantis Boss Guide. Post your comments below.

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