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We welcome you to our site, GamesHedge. GamesHedge is a Video Game and Hardware website founded in August 2018 under the umbrella of Sturgeon Interactive. GamesHedge aims to deliver the best video game and hardware-related news and content to its audience. We are a team of highly enthusiastic gamers who love video games and would like to share our passion with others as well. The About Us page is all about the people who are behind GamesHedge.

Meet the Team

In the About Us section, you can meet the dedicated team behind GamesHedge who is working hard to get you the best video game and hardware-related news and content. Feel free to reach out to the team with your feedback, suggestions, and more. Make sure to check out our Contact Us page to find out how you can get in touch with us.

Umair Khalid | Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Umair is the founder of GamesHedge and also handles the Marketing, PR, and Content Quality aspects of GamesHedge. Umair’s work on GamesHedge is diverse and he is also the primary reviewer of GamesHedge. He loves exploring new games and also sharing his thoughts about them with the world. Apart from reviews, Umair also switches between news, features, and guides. Umair is a die-hard automobile enthusiast and when he is not drooling over cars, he is playing games.

Twitter: @BooostUmair

Business Contact: Umair.Khalid@GamesHedge.com

Humza Khalid | Hardware Editor

PC gamer and hardware enthusiastic at heart, but with a soft spot for retro consoles as well, Humza can be seen tinkering with hardware most of his time when he is not playing DOTA 2. After investing thousands of hours in DOTA 2, Humza now spends much of his time sailing in Sea of Thieves or any other open-world game he can lay his hands on.

Michelle Siddiq | Guides Editor

Michelle is a Guides Editor at GamesHedge with a very diverse background of interests. When she is not writing, she is a full-time dentist and an avid fan of video games and metal music with gaming favorites varying from nostalgic retro games to diving deep into the lore of SoulsBorne games. That’s not all though she also spends her time working on graphic art and design as a hobby. You can check out her artwork on her official page:


Content Contributors

  • Talal Waseem – Hardware
  • Moeed Irfan Cheema – eSports
  • Talha Amjad – Hardware
  • Buntoo Cage – Features
  • Jawad Raza – Reviews
  • Salik Shah – Guides