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We welcome you to our site, GamesHedge. GamesHedge is a Video Game and Hardware website founded in August 2018 under the umbrella of Sturgeon Interactive. GamesHedge aims at delivering the best video game and hardware related news and content to its audience. We are a team of highly enthusiast gamers who love video games and would like to share our passion with others as well.

GamesHedge was founded with one aim, to play and let others play. Our main focus of content is video game guides that helps players in different aspects. Apart from guides, we also write reviews, previews, features, cover both hardware and gaming news and everything else related to video games.

Meet the Team

Meet the dedicated team behind GamesHedge who is working hard to get you the best video game and hardware related news and content.

Umair Khalid | Founder

Umair is the founder of GamesHedge and also handles the Marketing and Content Quality aspect of GamesHedge. He is responsible for all the PR and manages all tasks related to the marketing of GamesHedge. Umair is a die hard automobile enthusiast and when he is not drooling over cars, he is playing games. His love for video games is the main reason that he decided to skip all job opportunities and start his own video game website instead. He spends his free time playing Forza and Gran Turismo.

Contact: Umair.Khalid@GamesHedge.com

Salik Shah | Editor In-Chief

Contact: Khansalik89@gmail.com

Talha Amjad | Hardware Editor


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