Grounded Insects Guide – Spiders, Mites, Ants, Bombadier Beetle

Grounded Insects Guide

This Grounded Insects Guide will show you all the Insects you can find in the game. From the most harmless of insects like Grubs to the most aggressive Spiders that will hunt and kill you instantly.

Grounded features several types of bugs and insects that can play different roles in the game. Some are pretty harmless and are ready to provide you with useful resources. Other insects are pure danger and will take you down pretty much whenever they see you and get the chance. Every insect gives you some sort of loot that you can collect and use.

Loot from Insects can be used to craft all sorts of weapons, armor, and other items important in the game.

Grounded Insects Guide

Below we have detailed all the insects in the game and what items you get off from them.


This is a pretty harmless insect that can be found underground in the dirt. Whenever you spot something in the ground moving around, use your shovel to pull out a Grub. Grub can provide you with food and other items.

The loot that you get from Grubs includes:

  • Grub Meat
  • Grub Gloop
  • Grub Hide


Another one of the harmless insects that may look somewhat dangerous but are shy enough to run away from you. Once they are hit, they will try their best to run away from your clutches.

The items that you get from Weevils are:

  • Weevil Nose
  • Raw Weevil Meat


These are the last of the harmless insects you will find in the game and are also the most adorable insects. Aphids can be found running around in the wild.

Aphids are only good for giving you one item and that is:

  • Raw Aphid Meat


This insect is quite large for you and can be seen minding its own business and eating whatever it finds as food. Ladybugs only attack when you provoke them and are also quite tough with their external shell.

Worker Ants

Ants are another type of insect in the game that only attack when threatened. However, these pesky insects act how they do in real life, by invading and destroying anything they find as food or threat.

The items you get from Worker Ants are:

  • Ant Mandibles
  • Ant Parts
  • Mite

These are attacking insects that are small in size, but never give up attacking you whenever they spot you. Mites are orangish-red creatures that leap at you for a quick attack

Infected Mite

These are a more dangerous version of mites and are green in color. These mites attack and deal you poison damage if they manage to hit you.


One of the dangerous insects in the game includes Larvae that love to fight in groups and are very aggressive with their attacks. The good thing is that you can kill then with a few hits, and the bad is that they will instantly kill you if you are without any armor.

Wolf Spider

The Wolf Spider is the most dangerous enemy in the game that not only has speed but a lot of damage-dealing power. It is best to stay far away from them, but if you want to kill one, make sure you have a good weapon and armor and plenty of obstacles between the two of you.

Bombardier Beetle

This is like the Stinkbug as it releases a cloud of acid at you. But the Bombardier Beetle is quite more aggressive than the Stinkbug and will not hesitate one bit in wanting to attack you.


The stinkbug is a large insect that sprays out a dangerous plume of gas all around it. If you get close to it, the bug will attack you. The best way to fight it is to stay at a distance and shoot it with arrows.

Orb Weaver Spider

These are smaller spiders that put up a lot of spider webs that you may have spotted in your adventure. These come in different sizes, where the bigger they are the trickier they are to beat.

Soldier Ant

A more powerful version of ants that are more hostile than the Worker Ants. The Soldier Ants pack a punch in their attacks and will require better weapons to take them down.

Infected Weevil

This is a more dangerous type of Weevil that will run towards you and explode to release acid. When you spot one charging at you, try to avoid it as much as you can.


These are tiny spider babies that are easy to kill, but like their adults, they do not stop attacking you whenever you enter their territory.

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