Grounded Mutations Guide – All Mutations, How to Acquire

Grounded Mutations Guide

In this Grounded Mutations Guide, we will guide you on Mutations in Grounded. The very first content update has landed for Grounded and it brings a lot of new features in the game and one of these new features in Mutations. With the new update, you can unlock and equip various Mutations in Grounded that will help you in various ways. This guide aims to detail all of the mutations in the game and how you can acquire them and even level them up.

Mutations Guide – Grounded

Our Grounded Mutations Guide details everything that you need to know about Mutations in Grounded such as where to find them, upgrade them, and using them.

What are Mutations in Grounded

Mutations are essentially special buffs that you can unlock and equip in Grounded. These buffs provide you with different bonuses that will help you throughout the game. At a single time, you can only equip three of these Mutations so it is important that you check all of them and equip only those that are most useful to you. To equip the new Mutations, you can head to the new ‘Status’ tab added in the main menu. Some of the mutations will also upgrade the more you use them making them more effective in the game.

Types of Mutations in Grounded

Mutation How to Unlock Tier Upgrades Description
Ant-Nihilator Kill a certain number of ants to unlock this mutation Tier 1: Kill 15 ants

Tier 2: Kill 45 ants

Tier 3: Kill 100 ants

The ant has become a familiar threat, and you begin to know your enemy inside and out. Death and devastation greet all ants that face you.
Buff Lungs Can be purchased from Burgl for 7000 Science None You inhale and your cells burn bright with an enhanced energy capacity.
Cardio Fan Keep running and consume stamina. It will unlock after a set amount of stamina has been consumed by your character Tier 1: Consume your stamina bar 100 times

Tier 2: Consume your stamina bar 250 times

Tier 3: Consume your stamina bar 500 times

Exhausting your tiny body over and over again, your cells adopt a more efficient respiration process.
Coup De Grass Enter the new area Clover Cave to find the Clover and unlock the mutation None Discovering a beacon of hope in the darkness lifts your will to survive. Bursts of inspiration flash before your eyes in the heat of battle as you land blows one can only describe as lucky.
Fresh Defense Have a Mint Chunk in your inventory and it will automatically unlock for you None A plume of mint dust envelopes you and sends a cool wave rippling through your skin.
Grass Master Cut down 50 Pieces of grass using your axe Tier 1: Chop 50 Blades of grass

Tier 2: Chop 200 Blades of grass

Tier 3: Chop 500 Blades of grass

Like an insatiable lumberjack you’re becoming a living lawn mower. Your intimate knowledge of chopping grass allows you to topple them with increasing ease
Juicy Find all 5 Juice Boxes in the game None Like a true bookworm, you can’t resist a wall of text. A encyclopedic knowledge of beverage ingredients enriches you.
Lil Fist Kill 50 insects with your fists None Your tiny limbs flail and crash upon foe after foe. With every swing these bitty bones of yours harden and muscles tighten.
Meat Shield Can be purchased from Burgl for 7000 Science None Your size to meat ratio is off the charts and you take hits like a champ.
Natural Explorer Visit different landmarks and field stations on the map to unlock this Mutation Tier 1: Discover 5 landmarks and field stations

Tier 2: Discover 20 landmarks and field stations

Tier 3: Discover 50 landmarks and field stations

With each landmark found you gain a better understanding of the lay of the land. Your tiny feet traverse the yard like it’s the back of your hand.
Reliable Friend Revive 5 fallen companions to unlock this mutation Tier 1: Revive a teammate 5 times

Tier 2: Revive a teammate 15 times

Tier 3: Revive a teammate 30 times

Life in the lawn is filled with narrow escapes and you’ve been right there for all of it. Your muscle memory, mixed with hope and determination, makes a harrowing rescue all the more probable.
Rock Cracker Destroy a certain number of rocks Tier 1: Destroy 25 rocks

Tier 2: Destroy 60 rocks

Tier 3: Destroy 105 rocks

A path of destruction is left in your wake and it’s clear that busting makes you feel good. Your little arms bring hammers down with an ever-growing efficiency.
Sharpshooter Kill a certain number of insects with your bow Tier 1: Kill 40 insects with a bow

Tier 2: Kill 100 insects with a bow

Tier 3: Kill 200 creatures with a bow

A film crawls across the surface of your eyes, allowing you to focus with deadly clarity.

These are all the mutations in Grounded for the time being however more Mutations will be added to the game in future updates. We will continue to update this guide with more mutations as they are added to the title in future updates. In the meantime, if you need more help with the game, make sure that you check out the guides linked below.

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This concludes our Grounded Mutations Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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