Grounded Flower Petals Guide – Where to Find, How to Get

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This Grounded Flower Petals Guide will show you where to look for Flower Petals and how you can get them in the game. Flower Petals do more than just look pretty in the game, as they come in handy in some crafting recipes gear, and armor.

Flower Petals are pretty easy to find and will not require you to search too far. However, you can get plenty of them in certain locations, giving you more items to collect. Flower Petals help you craft all sorts of armor, gear, and even traps to lure certain insects towards them.

Grounded Flower Petals Guide

Below we have detailed where to find Flower Petals and how you can get them.

Where to Find Flower Petals

Flower Petals are found wherever there are flowers around. The petals themselves are obtained from the ground when the petals fall off the flower on the plant above you.

To get the Flower Petals, head to the northern part of the map, to where the large tree and the pond is. This will be right before the large house ahead. A small flower garden filled with Red Roses will be between the house and the pond. You will find plenty of fallen Flower Petals on the ground that you can pick up.

Flower Petals work best as a luring item. You can craft all sorts of things from them, from weapons like the Lure Arrow which attracts insects, to Lure Traps which will help you catch certain pesky insects that you want to get.

This is how you can get the Flower Petals in the game, it is a pretty simple item to obtain and it requires no extra effort or task to get them.

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This concludes our Grounded Flower Petals Guide. Post your comments below.

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