Grounded Gas Mask Guide – Recipe, How to Craft

Grounded Gas Mask Guide

In this Grounded Gas Mask Guide we will guide you on how you can craft a gas mask in Grounded. Gas masks play an important role in Grounded because the insects are not the only threat that you face in the game. Sometimes while you are out exploring the background, you will come across areas where you will need to wear a gas mask to protect you from the poisonous gases. In these areas, you cannot proceed without a gas mask hence you need to know how you can craft a gas mask.

Gas Mask Guide – Grounded

Our Grounded Gas Mask Guide details everything that you need to know about crafting a gas mask in Grounded.

How to Obtain a Gas Mask Recipe

The first step for you to craft a gas mask is to find its recipe. While most games have the mechanic where you find recipes as pages or buy them from merchants, in Grounded, you find recipes by finding and scanning the correct source for a recipe. In the case of a gas mask, you have to find and scan a Weevil’s nose. Weevil is a common enemy type in Grounded and you will find plenty of them roaming around.

When you find one, kill it and pick up its nose. Once you have the Weevil’s nose, simply to a Resource Analyzer and analyze the nose which will give you the Gas Mask recipe. Now you are ready to craft the gas mask for your use in the game.

Gas Mask Recipe

You will need the following ingredients to craft a gas mask in Grounded:

  • 1x Weevil Nose
  • 4x Gnat Fuzz
  • 2x Wooven Fiber
  • 1x Stinkbug Feelers

Collecting all of these ingredients will allow you to craft a gas mask and you will be able to cross the areas with the poisonous gases easily.

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This concludes our Grounded Gas Mask Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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