Grounded Pinch Wacker Weapon Guide – How to Get Powerful Weapon

Grounded Pinch Wacker Weapon Guide

The Pinch Wacker weapon is one of the best weapons that you can get in the game as it is a Tier 3 weapon that can be obtained very early in the game. This weapon is already crafted and is hidden inside a secret area that you need to access before getting your hands on this weapon. This Grounded Pinch Wacker Weapon Guide will show you where exactly you need to go to get the Pinch Wacker weapon in the game.

The Pinch Wacker is a very powerful melee weapon that can be upgraded to make it even more devastating while also applying shock damage to enemies and eating away chunks of their health in no time. The weapons in their upgraded state are so powerful that they can easily kill a spider in no time.

Grounded Pinch Wacker Weapon Guide

The Pinch Wacker is a broken-off robot arm that can be found inside the Flower Bed lab that is hidden with a small opening on the brick stone wall, to the right of the Squirt milk carton.

Before you set out to this lab, you need a few items to ensure that you can make it inside. The first important item is the Bratburst bomb which will allow you to remove the obstacle that blocks the entrance to the lab. This bomb can be crafted using basic early-game items and the recipe for the bomb is:

  • 2x Fungal Growth
  • 1x Red Ant Egg
  • 4x Dry Grass Chunks

After you have the Bratburst bomb, make your way to the location indicated in the image below.

Grounded Pinch Wacker Weapon Guide

This takes you to the Squirt Milk Carton where you can go on top of it and look at the brick stone wall to the right. Straight from this carton, you will find a small opening in between two bricks that will be the tunnel entrance that leads toward the hidden lab.

The opening in the wall is pretty high up, which means that you can either use a Dandelion Tuft and jump off from a higher location or make a platform using grass that takes you across from the milk carton to the wall.

Either way, once you make it inside, you will find the entrance to the lab blocked by an obstacle. This can be opened by using the Bratburst bomb you crafted earlier. Enter the lab and go to the left where you will find the Pinch Wacker arm weapon in a trash can, ready for you to pick up and use.

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That’s how you can find this weapon as shown in our Grounded Pinch Wacker Weapon Guide. Post your comments below.

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