Grounded Best Starting Weapon Guide – How to Get Rotten Larva Blade

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This Grounded Best Starting Weapon Guide will show you how you can get the best starting weapon in the game which is the Rotten Larva Blade. The blade is lightweight as is in can allow you to strike fast without draining a lot of stamina

The Rotten Larva Blade is a ready-made weapon that needs to be found on a certain location. This way, you can save up your materials and just go to the location to grab the weapon and start using it. One of the best things about the weapon is that it will allow you to strike 4-5 times as a combo strike before your stamina drains.

Grounded Best Starting Weapon Guide

Below we have detailed where you can find the Rotten Larva Blade weapon in the game.

Where to Find Rotten Larva Blade

The Rotten Larva Blade is towards the south from the center of the map. On the map, you will see a dead tree log, which is the general direction you should be heading out to. On the way, you will find a lot of resource materials to pick up, especially if you are new to the game. There are a ton of Pebblets, Sap, Sprigs, and mushrooms on the way.

You need to be on the right side of the log when facing south, but you will also find a few mites here that might attack you if you are spotted. Taking them out won’t be a problem though, especially if you have a weapon.

Keep heading straight from the right side of the log, and go along the length of the log. You will eventually come across the Rotten Larva Blade stuck on the ground under a large orange leaf. This will be right next to the hotdog container pretty close to it.

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