Grounded Survival Guide – Food, Clean Water, Basic Combat, Crafting

Grounded Survival Guide

This Grounded Survival Guide will show you how to survive as a beginner in the game. Grounded is all about survival and making use of everything that nature offers you, whether it is basic needs like food and water or even insects that become the enemy of your shrunken self.

Survival is key in Grounded, as it requires you to make use of everything the game throws at you. From crafting basic items like an Axe or Spear to building bigger structures to start living in. In addition, you also have to survive by combating your enemies, which are all sorts of insects/bugs.

Grounded Survival Guide

Below we have detailed everything you need to survive in the game.

Food and Water

Food and Clean Water are the biggest requirements for survival in the game. being the most vital mechanic in the game, you will spend most of your time looking for basic items for food and water, and also developing new ways to obtain food or water in steady supplies.

When you start your adventure, you will have your hunger and thirst meters at the bottom left of the screen. This indicates how hungry or thirsty you get from moving around and performing energy-exerting tasks. In the early stages of the gameplay, your focus will entirely be on maintaining both your food and water and not letting it go down completely.

Food and Water can be found in abundance in the world of Grounded. Starting with water, there are two sources of water, Clean and Unclean. Any water that is on the ground in dirt pools, while Clean Water can be obtained from accumulated water droplets on leaves and other plants. Knocking the plants will drop the water for you to slurp and drink.

On the other hand, Unclean Water will reduce your thirst, but it comes with its disadvantages. When consumed, it will increase your hunger, which is something you have to look out for. There are other ways you can store Clean Water or produce water by making a Dew Collector, giving you a steady supply of Clean Water with time.

The only food you can get is natural stuff like the small insect meat and mushrooms that grow in the wild. Meat from insects can be cooked and can be carried around to consume later. However, any food item if not consumed will rot over time and cannot be consumed. You can however use it to your advantage by using it to grow mushrooms.

Crafting Items

Crafting is another major feature in the game that allows you to create all sorts of items from tools, weapons, and gear, to constructing large workbenches and structures. Analyzing all the material that you collect will give you more recipes in return, unlocking more crafting possibilities.

There are analyzing stations that you can go to all throughout the map of the game. analyzing any material you picked up will give you a recipe that can be crafted using the item that you scanned along with other materials that you will require.

Building Structures

As you advance in the game, you will want a better and more secure base for yourself that will keep you safe from all sorts of dangers that occupy the land. Structures are best built in locations that you know are safe, or the ones that keep them away from you. Look for places that you know are safe from spiders that can destroy your structure.

Building a base near a water source will also be a big plus for your survival. This will eliminate the risks of having to scavenge for basic items in hostile areas occupied by other insects.

Combating Insects

There are all sorts of insects and bugs in the game that are your enemy. From giant spiders to small mites, these are all hostiles to you that will attack without hesitation. Combat is pretty simple in the game in the sense that you have only medieval-looking tools at your disposal that you have to craft in the first place.

Analyzing material items will also unlock crafting recipes for weapons and armor. The recipes will give you weapons like the spear or the bow and arrow. In addition, you can also go look for the Rotten Larva Blade sword which is a quick-striking weapon.

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