Review Policy – A Brief Intro of Our Review Structure and Numbers

Reviewing products and video games is not an easy task. Every game and product that we receive has been worked upon with hundreds of hours behind it and we always try our best to review it in the most efficient manner possible. This is our review policy in which you can find our review criteria and what our Final Verdict numbers really mean along with some other general helpful information.

Before we begin with the numbers, it is worth mentioning that we, at GamesHedge, only review games and products that are sent to us by the developers or publishers. We do not review any products or video games that are not sent to us. If we do review a game or a product that is not sent to us by the developer, we clearly mention it in the review feature. Otherwise, if nothing is written in the feature, it should be clear that the publisher or the developer has sent us the game or product for review.

For our reviews, our rating scale is from 10 to 1. Although we have yet to rate a game 3 or lower, we still have it as an option. Sometimes we rate titles that are in decimals such as 8.8 or 7.4. In these cases, you can simply round them off to their closest whole number for a general reference. You should also note that our 10/10 rating does not mean that the video game or product is perfect. It means that the product or game is in the best possible shape with no improvements required in any sort of way.

We have detailed our number rating below:

  • 10 – Masterpiece
  • 9.0 – Excellent
  • 8.0 – Very Good
  • 7.0 – Good
  • 6.0 – Decent
  • 5.0 – Average
  • 5.0-1.0 – Mediocre

It is also worth mentioning here that our reviews represent solely our own views about that product or video game. Under no circumstances, do we accept or agree to do paid reviews. Our reviews are based on our own opinions and experiences with the product and video game. You are always welcome to share your own views and opinions under each of the review features.

For reviews or general inquiries about our review policy, please get in touch with us at or