Grounded Woven Fiber Guide –  How to Get Woven Fiber, How to Craft

Grounded Woven Fiber Guide

This Grounded Woven Fiber Guide will show you how to get the Woven Fiber item which is an important material resource used in crafting other important items like tools.

Woven Fiber cannot be found on the ground, but itself needs to be crafted with other materials and its crafting recipe. This guide will show you how to craft the Woven Fiber and how to unlock its crafting recipe.

Grounded Woven Fiber Guide

Below we have detailed how to get Woven Fiber in the game.

How to Get Woven Fiber

Woven Fiber is an important item that can be crafted from resource materials. The first thing you need to do is to head out and start looking for Plant Fiber. This material resource will help you craft Woven Fiber, but it requires you to analyze the Plant Fiber first.

To get the Plant Fiber, head out, and harvest small plants that you find all around on the ground. When you have some Plant Fiber, head to the Analyzer and analyze the Plant Fiber. This will give you some crafting recipes that you can use the Plant Fiber for. One of the Crafting Recipes will be the Woven Fiber.

Now you are ready to craft the Woven Fiber. The crafting recipe calls for 3 pieces of Plant Fiber, so if you haven’t collected enough, head back out to harvest some more. Now you can craft the Woven Fiber, and use it to craft tools like the Axe, which is one of the most important tools in the game, and the Spear which also comes in very handy.

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