Grounded Axe Guide – How to Get an Axe, How to Craft

Grounded Axe Guide

This Grounded Axe Guide will show you how you can get an Axe in the game, which is an important tool required for the most basic of tasks in the game. Axe allows you to chop and harvest all sorts of resource materials like grass and small plants.

The Axe also plays the role of a weapon, as it can be used to take out other insects like bugs or spiders.

Grounded Axe Guide

Below we have detailed how to get an Axe in Grounded.

How to Get an Axe

To get an Axe, you first need to craft it with resource materials. To craft an Axe, you need the following items:

  • 3 Sprigs
  • 1 Woven Fiber
  • 2 Pebblets

Sprigs and Pebblets are pretty common resource items in the game that can be found in abundance out in the wild. These items don’t require you to go do anything additional but to find and collect them.

On the other hand, Woven Fiber can only be obtained by crafting it. To craft the Woven Fiber, you need to Plant Fiber which also can be found in the open by harvesting small plants from the ground. Make sure that you have analyzed the Plant Fiber to get the relevant crafting recipes for the item. This will include the Woven Fiber crafting recipe, which will allow you to craft the Woven Fiber needed for the Axe.

Once you have the material required for crafting the Axe, you will now have the Pebblet Axe. This Axe is admittedly not the strongest in the game, but it still works and will easily help you complete a few tasks here and there. This Axe will also help you complete the Mysterious Machine quest, which is one of the first missions you get in the game. The mission requires you to have an Axe to cut down any obstacles blocking the lasers.

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