Grounded Tough Nuggets Location Guide – How to Get, How to Farm More Tough Nuggets

Grounded Tough Nuggets Location Guide

One of the main resources in the game is Tough Nuggets which most players will be looking to get their hands on. This Grounded Tough Nuggets Location Guide will show you where you can find Tough Nuggets and how to farm them.

In addition to finding Tough Nuggets scattered all around the area, you can also make them using the different types of Stones of Toughness, and crafting them using specific hammers.

Grounded Tough Nuggets Location Guide

The table below lists all the areas and the number of Tough Stones you can find in their vicinity.

Area Number of Tough Nuggets
Black Ant Hill 3x Tough Nuggets
Broken Outpost 2x Tough Nuggets
Haze Lab 2x Tough Nuggets
Haze Trenches 14x Tough Nuggets
Hedge 2x Tough Nuggets
Hedge Lab 9x Tough Nuggets
Hedge Outpost 4x Tough Nuggets
Koi Pond 2x Tough Nuggets
Koi Pond Outpost 2x Tough Nuggets
Larva Cave 3x Tough Nuggets
Minotaur Maze 4x Tough Nuggets
Mossy Key Cave 2x Tough Nuggets
Oak Lab Cave 4x Tough Nuggets
Old Ant Hill 6x Tough Nuggets
Pond Lab 28x Tough Nuggets
Rake Rock Cave 3x Tough Nuggets
Red Ant Hill 6x Tough Nuggets

How to Craft

Tough Nuggets Can also be crafted using specific hammers on Stones of Toughness. These stones are valuable items that will not be found again if you have picked them up once from an area. This is because there is a set limit for these stones in the whole area.

There are three different types of these stones, where you will find Stones of Toughness, Rad Stones of Toughness, and Cool Stones of Toughness.

Item Tool Required
Stone of Toughness Peblet Hammer
Cool Stone of Toughness Insect Hammer
Rad Stone of Toughness Ox Hammer

Where to Find Stones of Toughness

The areas listed below are where you can find all the different types of stones:

  • Black Ant Hill
  • Clover Cave
  • Flower Bed
  • Haze Trenches
  • Hedge Lab
  • Larva Cave
  • Plank Cliff Cave
  • Rake Rock Point
  • Red Ant Hill

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This concludes our Grounded Tough Nuggets Location Guide. Post your comments below.

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