Grounded Water Guide – How to Find Clean Water, How to Store Water

Grounded Water Guide

This Grounded Water Guide will show you how you can get clean water and show you some ways to store the water rather than just consuming it wherever you find it. Water is the most important survival item in the game, where most of the time you will be looking to have some source of water nearby.

Clean Water can be from multiple sources, however, in the early stages of the game, it is quite tricky to get your hands on water when you need it. This guide will show you where are the best places to find water, and how to store it.

Grounded Water Guide

Below we have detailed how to find Clean Water in the game and how to store it.

How to Get Clean Water

In the early stages of your gameplay, Clean Water can be found as large water droplets hanging from the blades of grass, or the stems or leaves of a plant. Some water droplets can be found on the ground and can be consumed right there. But other drops can be higher up on plants that you might not be able to reach. However, it is not as clean as the drops that are high up on the plants and not on the ground.

If you do come across a plant with a water droplet, you can knock it down by hitting it and letting the droplet to have it fall on the ground. This is the most basic way of consuming water in the game. It is worth mentioning that Clean Water is better than groundwater as it can occasionally contain some sort of poison that can affect your hunger.

How to Store Clean Water

Storing Clean Water allows you to consume water without having to worry about looking for a water source, especially in desperate survival conditions. This is where you can start storing your water, and drink it up whenever you want, or store it with water wherever you find a source.

The best way to store water is to craft a Canteen, which comes in a handy item for a beginner. The canteen can be crafted by collecting 3 Grub Hide and 2 Woven Fiber. When crafted, the Canteen will allow you to carry two scoops of liquid that can be transferred to another storage, or consumed from within it.

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