Grounded Stump Lab Burgl Chip Location Guide – How to Find

Grounded Stump Lab Burgl Chip Location Guide

Grounded has just fully launched completing the story and mystery of the backyard, and one of the new areas now contains an important item that most players will want to get their hands on immediately. This Grounded Stump Lab Burgl Chip Location Guide will show you how to find the Burgl chip hidden in the Stump Lab Outpost

Before you start looking for the Burgl chip in this location, make sure that you have the Assistant Manager card to open up the locked door to the Stump Lab Outpost, which is how you will get to go inside. In addition, it is advised that you take at least 2-3 Dandelion Tufts as the path inside the lab is very treacherous and can have you falling to your death if you miss your step.

Grounded Stump Lab Burgl Chip Location Guide

The Stump Lab Outpost is one of the most dangerous areas along with a tricky pathway that will challenge you down inside the abandoned lab outpost. Starting with the bugs, you will run into many dangers like Wolf Spiders, swarms of Ticks, and Tiger Mosquitoes that will never shy from attacking and killing your character.

The Lab entrance is through a vertical tube that you need to descend in and reach the bottom of the abandoned lab that is turned over on its side. The exact location of the entrance can be seen on the map image below.

Grounded Stump Lab Burgl Chip Location Guide

The entrance through the tube is going to be pretty high, but you can use the structure next to the tube to jump on it. Be careful as you descend this tube as it drops down a far distance. Use the platforms to jump down section by section until you reach down into the lab to the locked Door A.

To access the door, you need to jump back up using the platforms and tipped-over objects and into the green hallway leading to the Milk Molar, take a right that takes you through another tunnel and leads down to another deeper section. Here you will find a console that you can interact with at the far end of the area.

Climb back up towards the first area where Door A will now be unlocked and where you can get the Burgl Chip inside.

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That’s how you can find this hidden Burgl Chip as shown in our Grounded Stump Lab Burgl Chip Location Guide. Post your comments below.

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