Grounded Quartzite Guide – How to Get Quartzite, Where to Find

Grounded Quartzite Guide

This Grounded Quartzite Guide will show you where to look for and get Quartzite in the game. Quartzite is a very useful material that can be used to repair your building structures when damaged by insects.

In addition, Quartzite is also used to make a dew collector, which allows you to collect Clean Water over time. Clean Water is a precious and vital requirement for your survival, which means that whenever you get some Quartzite, you should immediately craft a dew collector.

Grounded Quartzite Guide

Below we have detailed how to get Quartzite and where to look for it.

Where to Find Quartzite

The best place to find Quartzite is in the cave called Lawn Mite. This location can be found if you follow the same wires running from the Mystery Machine quest. It is on the western part of the map. Before you head out to the Lawn Mite cave, make sure you have yourself a hammer.

Once you reach the location, enter the cave and then use the hammer to break the Quartzite deposit and add it to your inventory. There are plenty of Quartzite deposits in the cave, so you can use your hammer and collect as much as you want.

Once you have enough Quartzite, you are pretty much good to head out and return to your base. Now head over to analyze the Quartzite and you will get a few crafting recipes, which will also include the Dew Collector. All you are left to do now is to gather the rest of the required material and craft yourself a good source of Clean Water.

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