Fallout 76 Wastelanders Strength in Numbers Quest Guide – How to Complete

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Strength in Numbers Quest Guide

This Fallout 76 Wastelanders Strength in Numbers Quest Guide will show you how to complete the Strength in Numbers quest or mission. This quest tasks you with finding and rescuing two guards of the Duchess called Sol and Polly.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Strength in Numbers Quest Guide

Below we have detailed how to complete the Strength in Numbers quest in Fallout 76 Wastelanders.

How to Complete

This quest is given to you by the Duchess, who can be found at The Wayward. She will task you in locating two of her missing guards, who can be found using your Pip-Boy. Start the quest by turning out the Pip-Boy and then looking for the transmitter signal from the Radio Tab in the device menu.

The location of the signal will take you to the northeast part of the map, so you just have to follow the marker. Once you reach the location, you will find some Scorched Corpses, where one of the bodies will contain the Gauley Mine Production Log note. This will give you a new objective with a new location to go to.

Head towards the marked location and reach the Gauley Mine. You will find some enemies here that you have to clear out before entering the mine itself. Here you will find Sol right at the end of the mine, who will need some healing items before.

The second guard is also nearby, and you have to take the path next to Sol and clear out the enemies that you find straight ahead. After going through this passage, you will come to a large room where you need to get to the bottom floor. When you reach below, there will be a set of stairs to the next room where you will find Polly.

Activating Polly will give you a head weapon, and also bring out a number of Scorched enemies that you have to defeat. Once you have cleared the area, you can now return back to the Duchess and give her Poll’s head by placing it on the Moonshine Jug. This will begin the second part of the quest where you have to get a new Assaultron body.

For this, you need to head to Duncan and Duncan’s Robot Shop that is located in Summersville. Inside you will find a robot that you need to speak to for the Assaultron Body. If your strength level is more than level 4, you can intimidate the robot. Now head up the stairs behind the robot and use the card reader you got from the robot.

If you fail to intimidate the robot, you can lockpick the door to unlock it. Avoid the red beams in the next room, and you will find the Assaultron Showroom. To get the pristine Assaultron Body, you need Lockpicking skill level 3, or a code that can be found in the attic. You can go to the attic from the hold in the wall, and pick up the note and the holotape. The code for the showroom is 88888, which will take you the body. Now head back to The Wayward and return to Duchess to complete the quest.

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