Fallout 76 Cooking Guide – Cooking Station, How to Cook

Fallout 76 Cooking Guide

In this Fallout 76 Cooking Guide, we will guide you on Cooking in Fallout 76. You will be cooking a lot of items such as meals and beverages in Fallout 76 because they are one of the best methods to survive and keep your hunger and thirst levels low. You will also find food and drinking items in the wild but they are not as good as the ones that you cook yourself.

We have curated this Fallout 76 Cooking Guide in which we will guide you on everything that you need to know about cooking in Fallout 76. We will tell you exactly how you can cook in Fallout 76 using Cooking Stations, what different types of items can be cooked using cooking stations, and how you can boil water in Fallout 76 as well.

Cooking Guide – Fallout 76

Our Fallout 76 Cooking Guide details everything that you need to know about Cooking in Fallout 76.

Cooking Stations

To cook any meal or beverage in Fallout 76, you will first need to find a cooking station in the game. You will find plenty of them scattered around in the wild or you can build one yourself at your C.A.M.P. if you have the plans for it. You cannot build without finding the plans first.

Also, to cook a certain item, you will need to find different recipes for meals and beverages all scattered around the game. You will find cooking recipes in restaurants, kitchens, hotels and cafes. Check any that you come across on your travels to find recipes so that you can cook yourself later at your camp or cooking stations spread around the map.

Types of Food and Drinks in Fallout 76

There are a number of different categories relating to Food and Drink in Fallout 76. We have detailed them below.

All Food

In this category, you will find all the recipes for all the food items that you have collected so far in the game that can satisfy your hunger.

All Drinks

In this category, you will find all the recipes for all the drink items such as beverages that you have collected in Fallout 76 so far to quench your thirst.


All items that can be cooked in order to heal yourself can be found here. Items include Detoxing Salves, Healing Salves, and Disease Cures.


Recipes exclusive to plants are listed in this category. You will find all sorts of flora and fungus-related cooking recipes here.


Recipes exclusive to meat-related dishes and meals are found in this category. They are excellent for hunger while some also quench your thirst.


This section will list all the prepared meals and drinks that you have prepared earlier in the game. We recommend that you do not leave them in your inventory for too long as after some time, the food will be spoiled and you will most likely get a disease from eating rotten or spoiled food. You should know that water-based recipes take longer to spoil.


In this section, you will find Vegetable Starch which is used to create Adhesive crafting components.

Food Recipes

Fallout 76 features a large number of recipes that you can find in the world. Check out cafes, restaurants, kitchens, and hotels for food recipes. We have listed some of the most common recipes below but you can find many more in the game.

Drinks Recipes

  • Boiled Water – 2x Dirty Water, 1x Wood
  • Purified Water – 1x Dirty Water, 1x Water Filter
  • Carrot Soup – 1x Boiled Water, 1x Carrot, 1x Wood
  • Simple Bloodleaf Tea – 1x Bloodleaf, 1x Boiled Water, 1x Wood
  • Corn Soup – 1x Boiled Water, 1x Corn, 1x Wood
  • Firecap Soup – 1x Boiled Water, x1 Firecap, 1x Wood
  • Mutfruit Juice – 1x Boiled Water, 1x Mutfruit, 1x Wood
  • Glowing Fungus Soup – 1x Boiled Water, 1x Glowing Fungus, 1x Wood
  • Brain Fungus Soup – 1x Boiled Water, 1x Brain Fungus, 1x Wood
  • Carrot Flower Nectar – 1x Boiled Water, 1x Carrot Flower, 1x Wood
  • Sweetwater Special Blend – 1x Bloodleaf, 1x Boild Water, 1x Bourbon, 1x Honey, 1x Wood
  • Pumpkin Soup – 1x Boiled Water, 1x Pumpkin, 1x Wood
  • Razorgrain Soup – 1x Boiled Water, 1x Razorgrain, 1x Wood
  • Blackberry Juice – 1x Boiled Water, 1x Wild Blackberry, 1x Wood
  • Tarberry Juice – 1x Boiled Water, 1x Tarberry, 1x Wood
  • Tato Juice – 1x Boiled Water, 1x Tato, 1x Wood
  • Vegetable Medley Soup – 2x Boiled Water, 2x Carrot, 1x Salt, 2x Tato, 1x Wood
  • Simple Fern Flower Tea – 1x Boiled Water, 1x Mutated Fern Flower, 1x Wood
  • Blood Pack – 1x Antiseptic, 2x Tick Blood
  • Glowing Blood Pack – 1x Antiseptic, 1x Blood Pack, 1x Glowing Blood
  • Stimpak: Diluted – 2x Purified Water, 1x Stimpak
  • Healing Salve – 1x Bloodleaf, 1x Boiled Water, 1x Soot Flower

Food Recipes

Depending on the complexity of making the dish, food recipes could be Basic and Advanced.

Basic Cooking Recipes
  • Awesome Opossum Bacon – 1x Opossum Meat, 1x Wood
  • Cat Meat Steak – 1x Cat Meat, 1x Wood
  • Crispy Squirrel Bits – 1x Squirrel Bits, 1x Wood
  • Grilled Radroach – 1x Radroach Meat x1, 1x Wood
  • Grilled Radstag – 1x Radstag Meat, 1x Wood
  • Mole Rat Chunks – 1x Mole Rat Meat, 1x Wood
  • Mutt Chops – 1x Mongrel Dog Meat, 1x Wood
  • Ribeye Steak – 1x Brahmin Meat, 1x Wood
  • Soot Flower Herb Paste – 1x Boiled Water, 1x Toxic Soot Flower, 1x Wood
  • Starlight Berry Cobbler – 1x Starlight Berries, 1x Wood
Advanced Cooking Recipes
  • Megasloth Tenderloin – 1x Boiled Water, 1x Megasloth Meat, 1x Salt, 1x Silt Bean, 1x Wood
  • Iguana Soup – 2x Boiled Water, 2x Silt Bean, 1x Spices, 2x Squirrel Bits, 1x Wood
  • Infused Bloodleaf Tea – 2x Boiled Water, 2x Bloodleaf, 1x Ginseng Root, 2x Tato, 1x Wood
  • Mud Cookie – 1x Blackwater Brew, 1x Mirelurk Egg, 2x Razorgrain, 1x Wood
  • Silt Bean Puree – 2x Boiled Water, 2x Silt Bean,1x Spices, 2x Tato, 1x Wood
  • Steeped Aster Tea – 2x Boiled Water, 2x Aster, 2x Firecracker Berry, 1x Sugar, 1x Wood
  • Steeped Thistle Tea – 2x Boiled Water, 2x Thistle, 1x Sugar, 1x Wood
  • Sweet Blackberry Tea – 2x Boiled Water, 2x Starlight Berry, 1x Sugar, 2x Wild Blackberry, 1x Wood
  • Tasty Radscorpion Egg Omelette – 2x Pepper, 2x Radscorpion Egg, 2x Tato, 1x Wood
  • Tasty Squirrel Stew – 2x Boiled Water, 1x Salt, 2x Squirrel Bits, 2x Tato, 1x Wood
  • Radscorpion Fillet – 2x Boiled Water, 2x Pepper, 2x Radscorpion Egg, 2x Radscorpion Meat, 1x Wood

There are plenty more recipes in the game that you can find to make more meals as well.

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This concludes our Fallout 76 Cooking Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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