Fallout 76 Side Quests Guide – All Side Quests Completion

Fallout 76 Side Quests Guide

In this Fallout 76 Side Quest Guide, we will cover all the side quests that are in the game, as well as highlight all the objectives, locations and the rewards you will get when you complete a quest. With our guide, you can complete the game 100% and refer to any missions that you might have missed in your gameplay.

Side Quests are typically like main story missions but they are not tied to the main quests of the game. However, some side quests can only be activated once you participate in a specific Main Quest of the game. Our Fallout 76 Side Quests Guide will detail all side quests that you can find in the game and will help you complete all of them.

Fallout 76 Side Quests Guide

Below we have compiled a detailed list of all the Side Quests that are in Fallout 76. We will highlight every quest, what locations you can find your tasked items, and what reward you will get upon the completion of a specific task.

An Organic Solution

Organic Panic

This quest can be found in Ella Ames’s Bunker, where after exiting the bunker you have to head into the forest to the north to reach Southampton Estate. You can find Ella’s Research on Ella Ames’s body on the second floor of the estate.

In the second part of this quest, you are supposed to find Bone Meal Access the research holotape in the items menu, read the entries and set your radio to Radiation Signal tracker, which will begin your hunt for the Bone Meal.

The signal will take you southeast of Southhampton Estate and towards the Crevasse Dam. Once you are inside the objective circle, follow the Radiation Signal Tracker to locate a Deathclaw nest on the western bank of the Mire Lake. Collect the Bone Meal after clearing out the area off the Deathclaws.

The next organic items that you need to collect are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. These materials can be found south on Route 65 to Dyer Chemical. Once you reach the location, the nitrogen can be found on the second floor of the building on the north Dyer Chemical. The potassium can be taken from the back of a big blue truck on the south side of Dyer Chemicals. Lastly, the Phosphorous can be found inside a small building attached to the southwestern corner of Dyer Chemicals.

After you have all the three materials, take them along with the bone meal up to the third floor of the facility, where you should insert them into a marked terminal. Flush to dump the fertilizer into the river, and then jump in to western side of the river where you can get a Strangler Bloom off a tree in the riverbank.

Then go to the marked Chemistry Station where you need to craft the RadSheild. The quest completes after the crafting is done.

Miner Miracles

Dig Deep

In this investigate Garrahan Mining Headquarters, head to this location with caution as it is loaded with fragmentation mines. Once inside, find the terminal near the back of the building and select Memo: Excavator Queries.

Next go to the project manager’s terminal on the building’s east side. Select Excavator Module Blueprints to download plans for all the Excavator Power Armor parts.

Ore Tour

In this part of the quest, you will need to take a suit of Power armor to a Power Army Staton and craft all the parts for the Excavator Power Armor. For the materials, you will need nuclear Material and Black Titanium. Once you have built the Excavator Power Armor parts, head back to Garrahan Mining Headquarters and register it by using the marked button on the building’s east side.

This quest will reward you with Excavator Power Armor Plans, Power Armor Workbench plan, Random Ammo, Random Aid Item.

Overseer’s Mission

Hot on the Trail

In this mission you need to find each of the Overseer’s Cache that are in the following locations:

  • C.A.M.P. southeast of Vault 76
  • Flatwoods inside the white church
  • Morgantown Airport Terminal
  • Charleston Fire Department
  • Next to the first-floor elevator at Top of the World
  • Charleston Capitol DMV
  • Next to Abbie’s Bunker entrance
  • Camp Venture (on the southern border of the Mire and Cranberry Bog)
  • Fort Defiance near the elevator on the third floor
  • Fort Defiance near the elevator on the fourth floor
  • Grafton
  • Camp McClintock
  • Near the elevator down to Site Alpha
  • Near the elevator down to Site Bravo
  • R&G Processing Services near the elevator to Site Charlie
  • R&G Processing Services near the elevator to Site Charlie—this one appears in the Overseer’s Cache after receiving the first holotape and after someone has launched a nuke at a non-fissure site target on the server you’re in.

All of these caches contain loot and holotape chronicling the Overseer’s journey through the Appalachia.

Personal Matters

Invasion of Privacy

Aside from the Overseer’s Cache Holotapes, there are a small handful of personal journals from the Overseer.

Upon reaching the location, you’ll receive an objective marker that will point you to the location of the next journal.

The journals can be found in the following locations:

  • Vault-Tec Agricultural Center, which initiates the quest
  • Sutton
  • Morgantown High School
  • Vault-Tec University
  • Welch
  • Mount Blair

Find and listen to each one; then find Evan to complete the quest.

Bureau of Tourism

In this quest you need to head to Grafton and use the terminal that marks the objective marker. Grafton Mayor will send you off to repair tourist attractions around the Toxic Valley.

Firstly, you can start by repairing the token dispenser, which requires a few common components that are easy to find.

The second is to repair the Black Bear Lodge check-in terminal. This requires a Screw and one Circuitry. Once you have them, interact with the terminal to fix it.

The last is to repair a water valve at Wavy Willard’s Water Park. Head into the facility where there will be stairs leading to the lower levels of the park. Fix the valve that is below which will complete this quest.

Falsely Accused

Fugitive From Justice

While trekking in Toxic Valley, you will be attacked by Protectron Marshals. Kill the marshals for identifying you as the wrong criminal. When they are killed, loot the warrant off their bodies, and head to the Eastern Regional Penitentiary. There you need you to speak to the warden.

From there, you need to visit each of the security stations marked on your map to authorize turret activation. The quest is complete when you activate the turrets and return to the warden.

Mistress of Mystery Quest Line

This questline follows the rise and fall of the Order of Mysteries. This group of young women was led by an ex-actress to bring justice to the world gone mad.

The quest begins after you investigate the body of one of its member. This body can be found next to a trash can in the center of the AVR Medical Center’s exterior. Loot the Damaged Holotape and Worn Veil from her body to begin the quest.

Into the Mystery

Listen to the damaged holotape that mentions Riverside Manor. Once you reach the manor, go up the second floor where you need to study and read the journal enter for 7/29/77. Next, head back downstairs and equip the Worn Veil from that you collected from the body, and begin searching the marked room, inspect a folding screen in eastern corner as it will fold back automatically revealing a hidden door.

Initiate Initiation

This part requires you to use one of the terminals in the center and to register yourself as an Initiate. This can be done if you open your Pip-Boy and listen to Oder of Mysteries-Rank: Initiate Holotape, which gets added to your inventory as you register yourself on the terminal. After listening, use the terminal again and log in, then select Database Queries, followed by Initiate Mento Assignment. Once you have the assignment, head out of the Riverside Manor and go to Lewisburg which will be to the southeast of the manor.

Once you are in Lewisburg, clear out the Ghoul populations and hen look net to the Nuka-Cola machine to the right of the Ice Cream sign on the corner of W. Foster St, to find Natasha Hunt’s body. Take the login password and holotape from her corpse and listen to the holotape.

Next, you need to head to the building that is across the street from Natasha, from the back alley climb up the stairs, and follow the path to the roof. Loot Kerry’s body and pick up Note – Kerry’s Orders.

With the note in hand, return to Riverside Manor and use the terminal again. You’ll quickly discover that only your mentor is allowed to authorize your promotion. So back out, log in with Natasha Hunt’s ID, select “Administrative Actions,” then “Authorize Promotion,” and allow yourself the right to be promoted. Backtrack to the login screen and log in again, but this time as yourself.

Novice of Mysteries

To get things rolling, open your Pip-Boy and listen to the Order of Mysteries—Rank: Novice Holotape. You will be tasked with earning several items to become a full-fledged member of the Order of Mysteries. You can find each of the three listed items in whatever order you choose. For simplicity’s sake, we cover them in the order they appear in your objectives but feel free to branch out in whatever way you choose.

Use the terminal, log in, and select “Mission Board” to see all three items. Select any of the items to start new quests, which will point you in the direction of the items. Once you’ve completed those three quests, return to this section and continue.

After you craft the Phantom Device, the Blade of Bastet, and the Voice of Set, return to Cryptos in the Riverside Manor basement and log in to claim your promotion to complete the quest.

Chasing Shadows

The first objective is to listen to the Order of Mysteries – the Phantom Device Holotape. Then you need use the Cryptos, the terminal in the basement, to select Database Queries, then Novice Phantom Device Components to locate the components necessary for building the device. For this you will need to trach down a Stealth Boy in North Cutthroat Camp and Hallucigen Gas in Garrahan Mining HQ.

North Cutthroat Camp is located in the center of Savage Divide. Once you reach the location, you need to pick a lock to open a footlocker containing the Stealth Boy.

Grabbing Hallucigen Gas

To reach the Hallucigen Gas, head south from Riverside Manor to reach Garrahan Mining HQ. Locate the safe that is marked as an objective in the back room. Pick the lock or hack the nearby terminal to open the safe.

When you have both the components, return to Riverside Manor and use the Fabricator to craft the Phantom Device.  With the Phantom Device, the quest is concludes.

Forging A Legend

In this quest you need to find the Historic Sword which is in the Whitespring Resort area east of Riverside Manor. The sword is locked in a case in the Presidential Cottage. To open the case, search the Protectron in the next room, and take the Presidential Cottage Password from its remains.

Next locate a terminal next to the display case, and select STAFF ACCESS followed by Display Case Access to open the case. You’ll find Grant’s Saber inside, which is our Historic Sword. Grab it, and then return to Riverside Manor. Use the Fabricator on the basement’s south end to craft a Swing Analyzer; then use the Weapon Workbench in the Fabricator room and add the Swing Analyzer to Grant’s Saber.

The next task is to kill six different type of enemies with the Grant’s Saber. Once you kill the enemy types, return to the Riverside manor and use the Fabricator to create the Blade of Bastet and complete this quest.

Prototypical Problems

Listen to the Set Holotape and go to Sugar Grove that is located on the east side of Savage Divide. This location contains the EMP item that you will need to develop the Voice of Set. Once inside, head to the rear of the facility to find an advanced research terminal. The Blank Holotapes scattered around the terminal are a red herring, but they hint at your next problem. Read through the terminal’s project reports and mail messages to learn more.

Your goal is the EMP research data, but you won’t be able to download it without the proper tools. Fortunately, those tools can be found here in Sugar Grove. Follow your new quest target to the analyst’s terminal in the nearby office, and dispense the last Project SIPHON holotape. Then return to the advanced research terminal, insert the Project SIPHON holotape, and download the data.

Once you are back at the manor, head to the Fabricator, and insert the Project Siphone Holotape. Play the holotape and upload the data. Now you can select Fabrication Services and fabricate the Voice of Set to complete this quest.

Seeker of Mysteries

To kick things off, listen to the Order of Mysteries—Rank: Seeker Holotape; then use Cryptos to pick up a Mistress-rank mission from the “Mission Board” entry. The Order of Mysteries—Pleasant Valley Holotape will be added to your inventory. Listen to it, and then put on your snow gear, because now you will be heading to Pleasant Valley Ski Resort.

At the resort, visit each of the notes at the objective markers. Read them to get a broader perspective on the Raiders and their interactions with the Order of Mysteries. It sounds like one of the Raiders, Brody, had some valuable intel about the order.

If your lockpicking skill is up to Level 3, you can pick your way straight into Brody’s room. If it’s not, read the “Yo Brody” entry on the nearby terminal; this will give you the location of his room key—specifically by placing an objective marker on the map for you to follow.

After you enter Brody’s room, your next goal is to access his terminal. However, it requires a Level 3 Hacking skill to crack it. If you happen to have a Bobby Pin handy, you can crack open the footlocker at the base of the bed, pull out the note, and give it a read to learn the location of the password to the terminal. Either hack the computer or return to the main lodge of the ski resort. Head upstairs, and use the terminal to reset the user password for “Torrance, Brody.”

Whatever your method, once you’re on the terminal, select the second prompt. Follow it through and take the holotape to complete the quest.

The Mistress of Mystery

Use the Cryptos terminal in the Riverside Manor basement and log in with your new login account. Select Administrative Actions, Authorize Access, then Authorize Access Headmistress Office. Make your way down the personnel list and select yourself to have authorized access. Now head up the west steps and use the hand scanner to enter the Headmistress’s office.

Use the Headmistress’s terminal and select the first entry. You can also read through her personal journal to learn about the rise and tragic fall of the Order of Mysteries. Once finished, go to the manor’s second floor and use the study terminal.  Read the first entry of the “Personal Journal”; then make your way to the terminal on the other side of the house. Read the first entry of the “Personal Journal” on this terminal to get the location: just northeast of Top of the World.

When you arrive, grab the items from the bodies, and return to Riverside Manor.

Once back in the manor basement, log in to Cryptos with Headmistress Shannon Rivers’s account. Select “Administrative Actions,” “Authorize Promotion,” then “Authorize Promotion—Mistress of Mystery.” Move down the personnel list and select yourself for the promotion, then back out and log in on your own account to become a full-fledged Mistress of Mystery and complete the quest.

You’ll pick up the Order of Mysteries—Rank: Mistress Holotape upon signing in and you’ll have the Eye of Ra as your prize for completing the quest line.

Cold Case

A Cold, Wet Mystery

In this part of the quest you have to access a security terminal that is in the building near the center of Wavy Williard’s Water Park. You can access the building from a hole in the bulding’s northeastern corner.

Here you will have to read through all the Holotape Review entries, and then unlock the safe behind the terminal and listen to another holotape within the safe. Next, you need to head down the stairs beneath the Slither Slide Terminal to find the second holotape.

Head back upstairs after the holotape, and take the notes out of the mailbox, proceed heading to the top of slither Slide in the northeast corner of the park to find the KidSecure ID.

You can repair the KidSecure ID which is optional. A Tinker’s Workbench is in the southeast building in Willard Corporate Housing. To repair you will need, a Nuclear Material, three Adhesive, and one Circuitry.

Mail Call

For this part of the quest, head to Clarksburg Post Office, and select Search by BOX NUMBER, then Box 012. The next task is to search Otis Pike’s house, which is on the south end of Grafton. Use the terminal in the basement and select Correspondence then Dam Safety Inquiry.

You can either get to the dam directly by having Lockpicking skill 3 unlocked. Or get a key from a broken spill tube around the building which can get you inside the dam.

Lastly, head northweast to the Woods Estate and head upstairs. Check the desk beneath the terminal and take Freddy’s Hasty Note, and then head back to Miss Annie at Wavy Willard’s Water Park to finish the quest.

Safe For Work

First Day on the Job

To start this quest, open your Pip-Boy, and listen to the Patrol: Training Exercise Holotape. Next, head to the triage center terminal in the tent in front of Morgantown Airport. Select Safe Control then disengage the lock to the safe to the terminal’s right. Loot and listen to the Patrol: Triage Center Holotape.

For the next part, you need to head to the Airport’s north side and take the Responders Bravo Station Key off of Responder Rocky, who is lying on the bed in a blue storage container. Next to the bed will be a safe with Patrol: Processing Center Holotape, take the tape and head to the east side of the airport where a medical center is. Open the wooden crate in the medical center, which will contain another holotape called Patrol: Medical Clinic Holotape. With that done, head to the control tower near the center of the airport. Climb to the top of the tower, and use the terminal. Select Resource Requests, then Requests to obtain a copy of the Patrol: Control Tower Holotape. Listening to the holotape will conclude this quest.

Tentative Plans

C.A.M.P Grounds

Bring up your Pip-Boy and play the Volunteer Training: Camping 101 Holotape. Head north from Morgantown Airport to reach Responder Miguel’s campsite. Search his tent, read through the Camping Syllabus hidden within, then speak with the nearby Protectron.

Head back down to the Morgantown Airport and search the area near Miguel’s terminal for the Camp Guide Program 3.4 Holotape. Head back to Miguel’s camp and hand the holotape over to his Protectron. If you’ve already deployed a C.A.M.P. before delivering the holotape, you’ll be instructed to complete the quest by building a generator. Otherwise, you’ll be tasked with building a cooking fire and stash box.

Boulder’s Basic

Pull up your Pip-Boy and press the Move C.A.M.P. button, as shown on the bottom of the screen. Place the C.A.M.P. next to Miguel’s camp; then approach the C.A.M.P. device and press the Build button to enter build mode. Move to the Stash Boxes tab and build a My Stash Box. Place the My Stash Box on the ground, then move to the Crafting tab and create a cooking station. Place this on the ground to complete the quest.

Mayor for a Day

Stalking the Saboteur

In this part of the quest, you need to use the terminal on the mayor’s desk and select Read This! High Priority. Exit the municipal building and head north to Route 65. The Saboteur’s house will be inside a small warehouse with the words Private Property written on the door.

Next, you will need to hunt down five clues inside the hideout. First is the body of Scott turner, rest are all scattered around in the area. Collect all 5 pieces of evidence.

From the Saboteur’s House, head north to find the RobCo where the Saboteur once worked. Enter the building and head to the Saboteur’s Office, use his terminal and select Scan Likeness to obtain the Robot Virus holotape.  Exit the building and go to Watoga Municipal center.

Once you return to the mayor’s office, interact with the MAIA on the office’s west wall. She will instruct you to go up to the building’s roof and upload the virus from the relay tower. Once you reach the top from the elevator, and upload the virus. Fend off the waves of enemies for 5 minutes, where the quest will complete after the upload completes.

This quest will stop all the robots from attacking you in Watoga. With this quest you will be rewarded with: All Rise Sledge, Mayor’s Hat, Mayor’s Clothes, Watoga’s Mayor Safe Combination, Random Ammo, and Random Aid Item.

The Motherlode

Corporate Espionage

Head to the second to top floor and use the Penelope Hornwright’s Terminal. Select “Archived Message—9.30.77” after accessing the archived messages to receive the Hornwright HR Password

Next, head to the third floor and enter the Human Resources Department. Immediately look atop the filing cabinets to your right to find an ID Card Printer. Use this to create an Executive Key Card. To do that, you’ll need to find a way to prove you’re an executive.

Climbing the Ladder      

Head to the office next door and use one of the Hiring System Terminals. You must take an exam to prove you’ve got what it takes to be a Hornwright Industrial top-shelf exec. If you’re keen on figuring out the answers to this quiz on your own, head down a floor and search the Technology Support Department to find something to help you out. If you’re the impatient sort, read the Helpful Hints from Vault Boy! box for the answers.  After you complete the exam, reenter the Human Resources Department next door and use the ID Card Printer to collect your Senior Executive ID.

Now you need to head back down to the bottom floor, use the elevator on the northeastern side. Slide your card through the card reader and head to the executive floor. Once you reach the executive floor, enter the room where you can inspect one of the External connection systems, which will task you to a repair beacon. There will be a red computer terminal there, where you can use to select Power Struggles to learn the repair beacon acquisition code. Head back to the computer terminal, put in the code and then collect the Repair Beacon from the dispenser on your left.

Hitting the Motherlode

In this part of the quest, exit the room and head to the room on the floor’s opposite end. Put the repair beacon on the Beacon Launcher, where a giant sentient machine called the Motherlode will appear form the ground near the center of the room, then dig its way back down into the earth.

Once the dust settles, head up the small flight of stairs and use the marked docking Station Dispenser to collect Motherlode’s gift, which will be some Ultracite Ore, some assortment of more ores and a random weapon.

Tracking Unknowns

A Grim Fate

In this quest, you need to investigate the area north of Valley Galleria this quest begins in Harpers Ferry. Begin with searching the bottom of the marked circle to find Mr. Gutsy named Hardball. He will tell you what happened to the hunting party he was accompanying. He will ask you to trach down a Signal Booster in Harpers Gerry or valley Galleria. Go to Valley Galleria where the signal booster will be inside the building.

Special Delivery

After you have obtained the Signal Booster, head to Camp Venture in the south. From there you will need to go the helipad that is at the top of the camp. Use the control terminal to summon Cargobot and wait for it to arrive. Once it has lowered onto the helipad, approach and attach the Signal Booster to it by pressing the Activate button. Once the Cargobot lifts off, listen to the distress Beacon radio station from your Pip-Boy.

Hot and Cold

Now you will need to track the Distress Beacon by following the single strength indication in the screen’s top left corner. The Distress Beacon can be found on the southern leg of the large white and red electrical tower. After taking the Distress Bacon, loot Randy’s holotape off of his body, and listen to it.

Head to the rusted car on the northwestern leg of the tower, where you will find Nari Samir’s body resting on the car’s left side. Collect the Dye Chemical ID card and Nari’s holotape off of her body, then grab the Prototype Hazmat Suit that will be in a backpack next to her body.

Party’s Over

Head to Dyer Chemical, which is located to the north of the tower, and use the hatch to enter the pipes on the plant’s west side. Use the ID Reader to enter the Dyer Chemical sewer. Go into the control room and grab Lucy’s Holotape off her body to complete this quest.

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