Fallout 76 Antibiotics Guide – Where to Find Recipe, Ingredients, Uses

Fallout 76 Antibiotics Guide

One very important consumable in Fallout 76 is Antibiotics which help the player recover from disease and also reduce the chances of catching a disease by 50%. Naturally, it is one of the most sought-after consumable items that players will always want in their inventory, especially when navigating through the inhabitable lands of Appalachia. This Fallout 76 Antibiotics Guide will show you how to get Antibiotics, what materials you need to make them, and what their uses are.

Fallout 76 Antibiotics Guide

Antibiotics can be obtained in two ways. The first is by finding them readymade in Events, Mirror Containers, in quests, and through Vendors by purchasing them.

Both the Events and Quests give out various rewards when you complete them. And Antibiotics are one such reward that you can randomly get from Events and Quests. Another way of obtaining them is by opening mirror containers that you will find all throughout Appalachia.

A sure way of getting Antibiotics is by spending some money at the Vendor and buying as many Antibiotics as you want.

But if you don’t want to spend the money and want to rely on yourself by crafting the item with your own hands, then you can also craft Antibiotics. The Antibiotics can be crafted using a simple recipe that asks for the following ingredients:

  • 3x Antiseptic
  • 1x Blood Pack
  • 2x Disease Cure
  • 2x Purified Water
  • 1x Stimpack

These materials can be obtained from other materials as well like the Blood Pack can be crafted using 1x Antiseptic and Tick Blood.

The Antiseptic can be obtained by junking various items like Toothpaste, Royal Jelly, Blood Sac, Abraxo Cleaner, and many such items. On the other hand, Purified Water is a common item that you can make at any Chemistry or Cooking Station.

Lastly, the Stimpack is another ingredient required to make the Antiseptic, and it can also be made at the Chemistry Station using 1x Steel and 1x Blood Pack.

With all the ingredients in hand, you can go to any Chemistry Station and make yourself one Antiseptic. But of course, if you have more materials on hand, you should consider making more than one Antiseptic as it is a very useful item in the game.

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That’s how you can craft Antiseptic in the game as shown in this Fallout 76 Antibiotics Guide. Post your comments below.

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