Fallout 76 Main Quests Guide Part 1 – All Quests Completion

Fallout 76 Main Quests Guide Part 1

In this Fallout 76 Main Quests Guide Part 1, we will show you all the Main Quests that are in the game. From the beginning where you start the game, till the final chapter of the story in Fallout 76. You will begin from Vault 76 as a player, and find yourself exploring Appalachia and the world that it has become.

Fallout 76 Main Quests Guide Part 1

Below we have all the main quests detailed and with all the rewards you will get as you complete each of the quests.

Main Quest: Reclamation Day

This is the first quest or how the story begins in Fallout 76:

I Just Want to Start…

When you wake up, you will have the option to set the appearance of your choice. After you have done your basic character customization, eject the Nuka Tapper game from the terminal, inspect your room, and clamp the Pip-boy to your wrist.

Then head out into the mezzanine forecourt, where Mr. Handy robots will grant you verbal encouragement as you pass the other vaults, and continue heading down the stairs from the cafeteria.

Follow the Vault-Boy finger-pointed direction, where you will come across friendly reminders that you have to check each one as you continue your way. These are:

  1. Stay Hydrated: Learn about the importance of water and gather Purified water as well as Rad-X
  2. Health & Medication: Learn about Stimpaks and gather five as well as some RadAway.
  3. Power Is Key: Learn about the infrastructure (there isn’t any) and grab a bag of building supplies.
  4. Join a Team: Learn about other vault dwellers who have already left Vault 76. Grab a party hat.

…A Flame In Your Heart

Just after the fourth Vault Tec informational standee, you can veer off into the adjacent Overseer’s room and access her terminal. Check her reports and learn about her mission by ejecting the holotape in the terminal and playing it on your Pip-Boy.

Next, continue to check out the Vault-Tec standees as you head out toward the exit. Here is where you will get more helpful reminders:

Camping Made Easy: Learn about the rudiments of C.A.M.P.ing and grab a portable unit to use yourself.
Get a Job: Gather your Perk Cards, and assign the first of them, Nab the pencil and Black-rimmed glasses while you’re at it; there is no reason to leave loot behind, especially when loot contains a slick pair of spectacles.

Finally, you can exit the out of the Vault, and head out into the world.


  • Random Ammo
  • Random Aid Item

Main Quest: First Contact

Country Road

In this quest, you begin by searching the Overseer’s whereabouts. Survey the hills and forests, as well as the larger landmarks you can use to orientate yourself. Then head down the Vault-Tec entrance and speak to a Mr. Handy robot about the Overseer’s whereabouts.

Head down the road walk roughly south and scavenge a few weapon-based items as any small enemy encounter is possible in the open world.

C.A.M.P.ing Trip

Now you need to head along Route 88 East, across a covered bridge, and find the Overseer’s C.A.M.P. just above the road junction. Here you can craft some items as there are crafting stations and basic defenses. Next, you should start by inspecting the indicated Locations to Explore within the camp.

Survival Basics

In this part of the quest, you have two Misc Quests where you have to craft a piece or armor and a weapon. You can search for items that are required all around the camp to craft these items.

Complete both the Misc Quests by scavenging all the components on the table just left of the My Stash Box which should give you enough components to craft some armor and a weapon at the respective workbenches.

Flatwoods Or Bust

When you are done with the Overseer’s Log, you will notice that she is headed to the town of Flatwoods. You should now head to this town by journeying southwest along the road, passing the Green Country Lodge, and eventually reaching the town, which will indicate that it was a hub of a group called Responders.

Next, enter the church at Flatwoods, which has a Command Post sign outside its entrance. Though the Overseer isn’t here, one of her caches is. Open and claim the contents, which will also contain a holotape to listen to.

After listening to the holotape, head inside the Flatwoods Tavern, which has a sign that says Volunteers Needed!

Access either of the Self-Server Registration Kiosks and register as a volunteer, where you will now be instructed to locate one of the responders, Kesha McDermott.


  • Hatchet
  • Paramedic Jumpsuit
  • Healing Salve Recipe
  • Random Ammo
  • Photo Frame

Main Quest – Thirst Things First

Water, Water Everywhere

In this quest, you need to head west to the river within the town’s boundaries, where you find Kesha’s remains. Search here for a holotape and Water Testing Kit. Then crouch at the water’s edge and collect some Dirty Water. Stay on the bank rather than wading into the river to avoid radiation. Then wander roughly south to the Community Garden, collecting water from either of the water pumps near the shed.

Creating a Drop to Drink

Journey back to the church and enter. Head to the back where the makeshift lab is located. Access the diagnostic terminal. Choose “Analyze Water Sample”: As expected, the results aren’t good; the water needs to be purified before being fit for human consumption.

To make the water pure, you should first collect water and wood if you have not done that so far. Then find a cooking station and boil the dirty water. The requirement to boil water is 2 Dirty water and 1 Wood.

Once you have crafted the Boiled Water, check back at the self-serve kiosk, check your Volunteer status, and conclude this quest. This will also begin the Responder Quest: Second Helpings.


  • Boiled Water
  • Chemistry Workbench Plan
  • Random Armor
  • Random Ammo
  • Random Aid Item

Main Quest: Second Helpings

Man of God

In this quest, you have to look up Delbert Winters in the People Directory, then head to his trailer on the south side of the town. Enter and inspect his dwelling until you uncover Reverend Delbert. Access Delbert’s terminal, where with his password you can access all his entries, one of which talks about a juicy rib eye steak.

Making a Meal

Now you have to cook a Rib-eye steak which is a simple process. Step out of Delbert’s trailer, and look for Brahmin corpses or kill and loot any living Brahmin in the vicinity. Gather Brahmin meat and then visit any cooking station. Craft a rib-eye steak to complete this part.

Head back to the Flatwoods tavern, enter the pantry, access the nearby kiosk, and become a full volunteer. Next, head inside to the back of the church and access the Responders Database Terminal. You can now log on as a volunteer (not just a guest), which enables you to contact the main Responders Headquarters. Once you’ve read the emergency message, the quest concludes.


  • Random Ammo
  • Random Air
  • Random Plan
  • Wood
  • Tinker’s Workbench Plan

Main Quest: Final Departure

Catching a Flight

In this quest, you should be heading to Morgantown Airport which is northeast of Flatwoods along Interstate 59. Enter the grounds and go inside where you will find the Morgantown Aiport Terminal. Find the marked room on the upper floor and inspect the Overseer’s Cache inside. There will be another Overseer’s Log for you to listen to.

Inoculation Investigations

The report mentions an Inoculation Project, outside passing the old field ops tower. Head east along the runway camp to an area marked Quarantine, where there will be a lot of Scorched forces. Fight your way into the curved-roofed hangars labeled Medical and use the terminal on the second floor. Select Inovulation Project Announcement to complete this quest.


  • Random Ammo
  • Random Aid Item
  • Patrolman’s Sunglasses
  • Somerset Special modded .44 pistol

Main Quest: An Ounce of Prevention

Doctor’s Visit

In this quest, you need to go to the basement of the AVR Medical Center, which will be filled with Scorched enemies. There is an easier route and that is to use the stairs to the right of the building’s north entrance. You have to be careful as you will be easily surrounded by scorched enemies if you don’t take things slowly. Once below, use the AVR Medical LAB Terminal and read the Inoculation Project Overview entry.

Science Experiment

In this part of the quest, you will need to collect a handful of items to complete this next series of objectives. The Type-T Fuse is located in Greg’s Mine Supply, northeast of the AVR Medical Center. The Type-T Fuse can be across the street of Greg’s Mine Supply, where in the basement of the house it will be inside a yellow wooden crate.

Sampling the Wild Life

Once you have the fuse in your possession, head back to the AVR Medical Center. Hold off from installing the fuse. Your next task is to get blood samples from a Feral Ghoul, a Wolf, and a Mole Rat, all of which are located at the objective markers east and west of the medical center.

To collect blood samples, kill one of the three enemies listed, and then approach them as if you were looting their bodies. Look in the bottom-right corner of the loot window for the button to press to collect a sample. You only need to do this once for each enemy type, so after you get a sample, move on to the remaining enemies.

After collecting all three samples, head back to the AVR Medical Center, insert the Type-T Fuse into the fuse box to the terminal’s right, insert the blood samples into the centrifuge, and use the terminal to analyze them. Once done, use the Sympto-Matic (one of the gigantic tubes to the terminal’s left) to administer the newly created vaccine. You’ll immediately start the next quest, “Into the Fire,” after completing this one.


  • Diluted Rad-X
  • Diluted rad-X recipe
  • RadAway
  • RadAway recipe
  • A photo frame
  • A random legendary weapon or armor

Main Quest: Into the Fire

Knowledge is Power

Head to the Charleston Fire Department, which is located southeast of AVR Medical Center. You’ll need to take the Fire Breather Knowledge Exam to be granted entry into the ranks of the prestigious Fire Breathers. The questions mostly require common sense (danger bad, safety good), but if you’re an overachiever, you can collect the answer key from the main office upstairs, or search the room the terminal is in and read marked notes scattered around the station. You can find two of the marked notes on the desks in the same room as the terminal; another one is in the locker room next door in an open locker. The final note is in the fire truck garage inside another open locker.

When you’re ready to take the test, use the Fire Breather Training System terminal and select the Knowledge Exam entry. Once the Knowledge Exam is complete, leave the department and head out to your next destination.

But Might Makes Right

In this part of the quest, you’ll need to reach a terminal inside the Charleston Herald building in order to start the physical exam. While this isn’t Charleston proper, it is still Charleston, and Charleston spells danger. The easiest and safest route up to the terminal is to stay on the outskirts of the town and head to its east side.

You’ll see a set of stairs attached to the outside of a tall apartment building not far from the objective. Climb to the top of the stairs, enter the building, then head down a floor and head west toward the objective. You’ll cross a bridge of scrap onto the next building. Once there, drop down another floor and follow the red-painted arrows lining the floor and walls, but do so backward. They’ll lead you to the next building, where you’ll reach the terminal.

A Need to Speed

In this part of the quest, once you start the physical exam, you have to hit button A, which is right in front of the terminal, then race to the south side to hit Button B, then back to Button A. You do all this while avoiding Scorched within a 3-minute time limit to pass.

A Real Fire Breather

In this part of the quest, you have to initiate the final exam on the terminal, then head southwest of Charleston Herald to Belching Betty for your next objective. Once you reach the location, pick up your gear and prepare for the final test. Before you enter the mine, listen to the Fire Breathers Final Exam holotape from your inventory. Then proceed to enter the mine.

Only You Can Prevent…

Once inside, use the terminal to the right of the locked door to unlock it. Follow the path and eventually, you’ll reach a fork in the road. You can pick either path: both have plenty of resistance and both lead you to your destination.

After you push the emergency beacon, more Scorched enter the room. Get behind the cover and fight your way out carefully. Once you’re back on the surface, speak with Bernie, then head back to the Charleston Fire Department and register yourself in the Fire Breather’s computer system.

Head to the room next to the second-floor terminal and hit the button to play the priority message to complete the quest. You’ll be launched into the “The Missing Link” quest immediately following this one.


  • Random Aid Item
  • Random Ammo
  • Anti-Scorched Weapon Mod Recipes
  • Anti-Scorched Training Pistol
  • Fire Breathers Helmet
  • Fire Breathers Uniform

Main Quest:  The Missing Link

On Top of the Top of the World

In this quest, you need to reach the Top of the World which is in the center of the map. This is a long journey but relatively quiet, if you take the proper route. If you take the southern route, you will run through 98 NAR Regional, which is a checkpoint filled with deadly robots. Instead, you should Fast-Travel to Morgantown, and then take the northern path. This path isn’t all that quiet and is filled with enemies who are not that deadly and easy to take down.

As you approach the top of the world, you’ll receive a signal for a top-of-the-world radio station and a miscellaneous quest. Listen to the radio station for a bit, then head to top of the world to initiate the “signal strength” quest. Signal strength is directly tied to your current quest. You’ll need to complete, the Flavors of Mayhem, and Key to the Past in order to progress with this quest.

After you have built Rose’s Signal Repeater, she will let you take the elevator up to the third floor of Top of the World. Once you reach there, you will find where Madigan’s Trail ended. Rose knows what Madigan was looking for but will not tell until you help her out with something

At this point, you need to complete all of Rose’s other quests to progress beyond this objective.

Back on Track

After you finish Rose’s quest, grab the Broken Uplink from inside the Raider’s Cache. We’re taking a long trip to the Mire in the northeast corner of Appalachia. Fast-track to Sunnytop Ski Lanes or the Palace of the Winding Path, and start making your way east.

Once at the door to Abbie’s Bunker, hack the terminal next to the door and head on in. When you do, the quest will be complete.


  • Random Ammo, Armor, Plans or Weapon
  • A Photo Frame

Main Quest: Signal Strength

Running Errands

In this quest, Rose wants you to find a Signal Repeater Schematic, and she won’t help until you do. for this, you have to head north of Top of the World until you reach Seneca Rock Visitor Center. Head Slightly northwest of that where you will find a small motel. On the second floor will be Major Darion Jones’ body which can be looted for the Signal Repeater notes and Signal Repeater Schematics.

The notes will task you in gathering two parts necessary for the construction of the Repeater. The western part is just south of Greg’s Mine Supply, so you can Fast-Travel there to shorten the trip. You’ll need to scale up Horizon’s Rest and enter the plane wreckage therein. The SMU-97 Transponder is in the plane’s cockpit.

Fast-track back to Top of the World and make your way south while following the train tracks on your map. You’ll eventually reach 98 NAR Regional: an apparent train graveyard. You’ll find the RCX01-A39 Duplexer in a circuitry panel sitting in a busted train car on the north side of 98 NAR Regional.

When you have both the parts, find the nearest Tinker’s Workbench and construct the Signal Repeater under the Quest Items option.

Reaching the Masses

Your next task is to install the Repeater at the National Isolated Radio Array, located southeast of Top of the World. After you install it, you must divert power to it from a terminal in a small station just southwest of the Repeater’s position. Select “Auxiliary Component Control,” then “Divert Power to Auxiliary Component” to get the Repeater the energy it needs to function.

Head back to Top of the World. Now that Rose has what she wants, she’s willing to let you up to the third floor. Speak with her to complete the quest.


  • Random Ammo
  • Random Aid Item
  • Random Plan
  • A Photo Frame
  • Chance for a Death Tambo or Guitar Sword

Main Quest: Flavors of Mayhem

Just a Little Prick

To start with this quest, head to the second floor of Top of the World, and use the marked Weapons Workbench. Switch to the Modify menu and select Rose’s Syringer. Rose will provide you with everything you need to make the necessary modifications: one glowing resin, one psycho, one steel, and two Firecracker Berries. Make sure you don’t delay this as some items are perishable.

No One Bear Should Have All the Power

Your next task is to shoot a Yao Guai with Rose’s Syringer equipped with the Karma Syringe Barrel, survive its terrible 60-second rampage, and then kill it when the effects of the drugs wear off. You can find a Yao Guai north of Top of the World. Fast-Travel to Seneca Rocks Visitor Center and head north from there to reach the marked destination faster. Now, you could just shoot any organic enemy and kill them while they’re jacked up on Karma, but Rose wouldn’t like that and we wouldn’t want to upset Rose.

But Wait!

Your next task is to locate a Tinker’s Workbench and craft Explosive Bait. The objective marker will lead you to both a Tinker’s Workbench and a nearby container holding all of the components you need to craft Explosive Bait. Once at the Workbench, craft the Explosive Bait from the “Mines” crafting category, then head back outside and use it on some poor, unsuspecting, irradiated monstrosity.

It Gets Even Better!

Now that you know that Rose is crazy, your next task is to make friends with a Deathclaw. You have to approach it and hit the Activate button to complete the objective. After that, you can either kill it or flee from the Deathclaw.

Rose Is Trying to Kill Us

Your next objective is to steak from a Super Mutant Camp. Your Objective marker will lead you to a container holding the item you need to steal to complete this objective.

Rose’s next little field trip leads us to the south side of the Savage Divide. If you visited The Whitespring Resort to get the Radstag meat, Fast-Travel there and head south. If you didn’t, you’ve got a longer trip ahead of you.

When you arrive, you need only dispatch a Feral Ghoul or two while in the circle to complete the objective. You can equip the Cannibalize perk (if you have it and meet the level requirement) to snack on the dead Ghoul for Rose’s amusement. Once you’re done, head back to Rose in Top of the World.


  • Rose’s Syringer
  • Black Diamond
  • Explosive Bait Recipe
  • Raider Headgear
  • Random Aid Item
  • A Photo Frame

Main Quest: Key to the Past

Password Please!

In this quest, you have to collect five fragments of a password to open a Raid cache filled with treasure. Head south from the Top of the World and head to the objective marker.

Enter Blackwater Mine and use the terminal just inside. Select any enter, except the last on the main three options to complete the objective. Then head deeper into the mine where you will have to kill an irradiated woman by the name of Freddie Lang to find the mine’s Key Fragment. Leave the line mine once you have the fragment.

Late to the Party

The next Key Fragment is east of the Blackwater Mine at a local Trappers’ Camp on the Devil’s Backbone. The camp was hit by a local Super Mutant group and they took away the guy who had the fragment. Follow the road west to Huntersville where you will find the Trapper’s Key Fragment from the body of Walter Griswold in the center of the town.

Ski Trip

The next stop is Sunnytop Ski Lanes on the north side of the Savage Divide. You can fast-travel to Monongah Power Plant or Seneca Rocks Visitor Center and then head northeast to reach the marked location.

Hitting the Slopes

Sunnytop is packed with enemies and mountains of traps. Move through this place carefully if you want to avoid getting blown up by a hanging grenade trap or a missile launcher trip wire. Thankfully, you don’t have to do a lot of exploring to find what you’re looking for. Just enter through the front entrance (watch out for the Punji Board in front of the front door), then hang a left. You can’t access the room the objective is in from outside, but getting there once inside is just a matter of clearing the rooms of Super Mutants, and then walking on over.

After listening to the holotape, go to the opposite end of the lodge and head downstairs the first chance you get. You’ll find a terminal at the far end of the lower floor. Use it, select “Inbox,” then read the “Admin Password” entry.

Double Digits

Margie’s group’s Key Fragment has been destroyed, but a way to replicate it has been preserved. Head northwest from the lodge to reach the Palace of the Winding Path. You’ll find the Palace Admin Password in a dresser just a short trip into the palace.

Once you have the password, head downstairs and use the Holotape Duplication Terminal to create the Diehards Key Fragment by selecting “DUPLICATE FROM ARCHIVES,” then “Diehards Key Fragments.”

A Round of Golf

Your next task is to search around Bolton Greens for notes on the next Key Fragment. Reach it quickly by Fast-Traveling to Monongah Power Plant, then heading west. Once you reach Bolton Greens, go inside and head to the top floor to find the Gourmands Note.

The note leads us back to Savage Divide to find the Gourmands’ Key Fragment in a place known ominously as the Wendigo Cave. Fast-track back to the Top of the World and go northeast from there to reach the Wendigo Cave.

There’s A Wendigo In the Wendigo Cave

The Wendigo is a Mirelurk-filled death maze. Fight them and reach the objective to grab the Gourmands Key Fragment and leave the area.

David Must Die

This time your destination is Big Fred’s BBQ Shack. When you reach the place, there will be a lot of Feral Ghouls. You will have to also take down David Thorpe who is a Scorched. Once he is dead, loot his body to find the Cutthroats Key Fragment.

Digging Up The Past

With all the Key Fragments in hand, head back to Rose at Top of the World and slide them her way. Rose will task you with heading into Charleston to find the body of a woman named Rosalynn at the Charleston Capitol Building. It’s not a place we’d suggest you go if it wasn’t a necessity; it’s a dangerous, unfriendly place with plenty of dangers around, above and below you.

You can hop to the Charleston Fire Department just southwest of the Capitol Building. It’s a short trip and a much safer journey than coming in from Charleston proper. Head into the Charleston Capitol Courthouse and head down to the basement. Use the marked terminal and select the entry on “Doe, J.” Head into the room behind the terminal.

Just Like Old Times

Head east to Pleasant Valley Ski Resort enter the resort and head down into the basement. The door to the cache will be locked, so you have to go check under the welcome mat for the key. Use the keycard you find on the keycard reader to the left of the door. Enter the Cache to complete this quest.

Additionally, you should also head back to the left corner of the room and grab the Broken Uplink before leaving.


  • Raider Power Armor
  • Random Weapon Plan
  • Random Ammo
  • Random Aid Item
  • A Photo Frame

Main Quest: Early Warnings

Bunker Blunders

In this quest, you have to go to Abbie’s Bunker on the north side of the Mire.  Enter the back room and use the Tinker’s Workbench, head down the Quest Items tab, and select Uplink to repair it. Head back to the entry room and use the Scorched Detection System Terminal at the objective marker. Select the Communications Uplink Repaired entry to check in and then back out and listen to what Abbie has to say via the intercom

Number One Fans

Exit the bunker and follow the road south to reach Raleigh Clay’s Bunker. Use the terminal to unlock the front door; then head inside. Listen to Abbie and you’ll receive your next objective: Find the Fan Motors.

Enter the hall on the bunker’s southeastern side and you’ll receive an optional quest to find Raleigh’s Schematics. Find them by entering the first door on the right of the southeastern hall. The Schematics are on the cabinet on the room’s north side.

Now head to the room on the hall’s opposite side and investigate the marked cabinet to find all five of the Fan Motors.

Next, you must locate a series of Heating Coils from several locations to explore across the Mire (and one in the Savage Divide). To find the first coil, head to the room at the hall’s end and open the toolbox at the objective marker.

Beat the Heat

Leave the bunker and follow the road north; then head off-road a bit west to reach Ella Ames’ Bunker. Once inside the main room, use the door on the south side and then take the door on the left to track down the second Heating Coil.

Exit the bunker and head west to Relay Tower LW-B1-22; wrap around the mountains between the tower and Ella Ames’ Bunker. Enter the Relay Tower and grab the Heating Coil from the toolbox on the room’s southeast side.

Fast-track back up to Abbie’s Bunker on the north side of the Mire. Head to the back room on the building’s north side (where the Tinker’s Workbench is located). Look in the cupboards on the room’s left side to find your last two Heating Coils; then go to the Tinker’s Workbench and craft five Upgraded Motors under the Quest Items tab. Once you have all five, head back to the SDS Terminal in the main room and select “Motors Upgraded” to complete the quest. You’ll roll right into “Reassembly Required” from here.


  • Shadowed Combat Armor Mods
  • Stand Fast
  • Random Ammo
  • Random Aid Item
  • A Photo Frame

Main Quest: Reassembly Required

Updating Security

In this quest, grab the holotape For Rose from the desk that is in front of the SDS Terminal, then exit the bunker. Next, you must walk along Route 65 and install the Upgraded Motors into the Scorched Detectors lining the road. The first is on the road a short trip northeast of the bunker. Once you reach there, follow the road south upgrading the Scorched Detectors as you go.

Old Friends

After you are done upgrading all the Scorched Detectors, Fast-Travel to Top of the World and hand Rose the holotape you picked up in Abbie’s Bunker.

After that, fast-travel back to Abbie’s Bunker and enter it to complete the quest. This will immediately start the next quest.


  • Nuke Mines
  • Nuke Mine Recipe
  • Fragmentation Grenade Mirvs
  • Fragmentation Grenade Mirv Recipe
  • Random Aid Item

Main Quest: Coming to Fruition

On the Road Again

In this quest, head to the bunker’s main room and grab the Master Holotape out of the desk in front of the Scorched Detection System Terminal. Exit the bunker and head south down Route 65 to reach the Harpers Ferry. Go to the Armory Access Terminal on the south side of Harpers Ferry and insert the Master Holotape. Select “Play Holotape” to hack the terminal; then unlock the door to the armory.

After entering the armory compound, take a right through the first opening available to enter the armory proper. Use the door terminal ahead to open the sealed door and pass through the large gray fence. Head upstairs, turn around and use the planks to cross into the building ahead.

Smash the State

Now you need to drop downstairs and use the next terminal up ahead to open a second door. Exit the building from the door ahead and enter the neighboring building. Go upstairs and hack the terminal to gain access to Raleigh’s terminal. Insert the Master Holotape, then listen to what Abbie has to say.

A Capitol Idea!

Fast-Travel to the Charleston Capitol Building on the southwest side of Appalachia. Head to the third floor, where you find Sam’s terminal. No dice! The terminal is locked tight. Head down to the basement and use the marked security terminal. Select “Accounts/Account Lockdowns/Samuel Blackwell” to unlock Sam’s computer. Now head back up to the third floor and try loading the Master Holotape again.

Relay Race

Next task is to put the Master Holotape into a Relay Tower computer. You can head to the Relay Tower southwest of you in the Ash Heap, or you can Fast-Travel to the one you already visited during “Early Warnings”—Relay Tower LW-B1-22, in the map’s northeastern corner. Whatever you choose, head to a Relay Tower and use the Master Holotape on the terminal there.

After you insert the Master Holotape and download the data, head back to Abbie’s Bunker and restart the system from the Scorched Detection System Terminal in the main room to complete the quest.


  • Electrical Arc Plans
  • Flamethrower Trap Plans
  • Random Legendary Armor or Weapon
  • Random Aid
  • Random Aid Item
  • A Photo Frame

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This concludes our Fallout 76 Main Quests Guide. Feel Free to comment below.

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