Fallout 76 Main Quests Guide Part 2 – All Quests Completion

Fallout 76 Main Quests Guide Part 2

This is a continuation of the first part of the Main quests we have covered. In this Fallout 76 Main Quests Guide Part 2, we will show you all the Main Quests that are in the game. From the beginning where you start the game, till the final chapter of the story in Fallout 76. You will begin from Vault 76 as a player, and find yourself exploring Appalachia and the world that it has become.

Fallout 76 Main Quests Guide Part 2

Below we have all the main quests detailed and with all the rewards you will get as you complete each of the quests.

Main Quest: Defiance Has Fallen

Hunting Fort Defiance

In this quest, head to the camp’s lower level and enter the Storage and Supplies building (its sign is sitting sideways next to the front entrance of the building). Enter and head left; then go downstairs. Use your lockpick abilities to unlock the door ahead; then approach the locked door at the end of the basement. Read the note to the door’s right to receive an optional quest to locate the room’s key.

To find the key, head back to the camp’s upper level and enter the building south of the Command Center terminal. Loot the marked locker to find the key to the storage closet. Head back to the Storage and Supplies building and open the door. Read the note on the table to get the password to the Command Center terminal.

From here, head back to the Command Center terminal, input the password, and then enter. There are two tables in the center of the room; read the note on the back of the table on the right to find Fort Defiance’s location.

The Acts of Defiance

In this quest, we need to repower the building by flipping the circuit breaker on the top floor.

The path to the circuit breaker is very straightforward. Head down the hall and up each floor and you’ll arrive at the top floor quickly. Once there, you find that most of it has broken apart and fallen to the floor below. With the gap in front of you, head through the door on your left. From here, progress through the rooms ahead, then cross over the makeshift bridge to the room’s right side. Continue this pattern of room hopping and bridge crossing to arrive at the circuit breaker. Activate it, then head back downstairs via the ramp just outside the circuit breaker’s room.

If you keep moving toward the objective marker, you’ll find a hole in the ground that will drop you right back in front of the locked room near the building’s entrance. Read the note to complete the quest.


  • Bos Soldier’s Uniform
  • Gatling Gun
  • 5mm Ammo
  • Bos Underarmor Mod
  • Random Aid Item
  • Photo Frame

Main Quest: Back To Basics

You’re In the Army Now!

In this quest, after speaking with Master Sergeant Gutsy, leave the room and drop to the first-floor foyer. You find a Uniform Disbursement Log on the desk in the center of the room. Take it to discover the location of a Uniform Voucher.

Exit the building and head to the barracks on the base’s south side. Enter the first set of barracks. The Uniform Voucher is in a container somewhere in this building. It changes every time you do this quest, so we can only tell you it’s in this building.

Take the voucher back into the first-floor foyer of the main building and use the Uniform Dispenser to get your fatigues and helmet. Go into your inventory and equip the Dirty Army Fatigues and Dirty Army Helmet, both of which are under the Apparel tab in the Item menu. Once you’re geared up, head back up to Master Sergeant Gutsy to continue your training.

Your next task is to complete each of the camp’s three basic training courses: Marksmanship, Agility, and Patriotism. You can do these in any order, but we’re going to start with the Agility course.

Agility Course

In this task, Use the training terminal and select “Begin Course” when you’re ready to go. You’ll have two minutes to run through the obstacle course and hit every button along the way. Follow the objective markers and make sure to walk or crawl through any marked obstacle; it’s not enough to simply hit the buttons. If you miss an objective marker, the next set won’t appear, so be thorough. You need to keep moving but don’t rush.

Patriotism Course

In this quest, you’ll need to investigate Jimmy’s, Topher’s, and Jianjun’s rooms, and speak with each of them to figure out who bleeds red and who bleeds red, white, and blue. Once you feel you have enough evidence to support your argument, head back to the Patriotism Training Terminal to make your accusation.

Marksman Course

In this part of the task, you’ll have 30 seconds to hit all the targets as quickly as possible. Before starting, equip a weapon with a decent range and a fast fire rate—something explosive is totally acceptable as well. Once you hit “Begin Course,” you’ll have a short countdown before all of the targets pop up in front of you. Shoot them all within the time to complete the course.

Live Fire

Now that you’ve got the speed of a cheetah, the aim of a trick shooter, and the wits of fiction’s finest detective, it’s time to put your life on the line with a live-fire exercise. For that, head southwest out of the base to reach the live fire test grounds.

You must defeat and destroy three waves of “Communist” robots to complete this leg of the quest. There are no tricks to this objective. Simply use your natural ability to shoot and dodge your way to victory. Be warned that the last will drop tougher enemies on you, so be sure to reload and heal up between waves.

After you finish the Live Fire Training Exercise, head back to the Master Sergeant and report your results to complete the quest.


  • Random Ammo and Aid Item

Main Quest: Recruitment Blues

Cracking the Code

In this Quest, you must register yourself on the fort’s security system. To do that, you need to head back to the bulletin board, and follow the hall and up the ramp that you see. Follow the hall on the second floor and climb the metal stairs at the end. Take the hall on the third floor where you will come to a laser grid-blocked elevator. Use the terminal in front to select “Register new personnel”, where access will be denied.

To find a bypass method, head to the room at the hall’s other end and read the note on the set of shelves near the middle of the room labeled “Squire Evelyn’s Journal – Page 16”.

You will need a military issue ID which can be obtained by completing basic training at Camp McClintock.

Three Letters, Endless Dread

Your next step is to stop by the Charleston Capitol Building. Enter the DMV building use the terminal on the room’s left side and select “Government ID Application”. After filling out the information, approach DMV Bot B2, print a number from the printer to the robot’s right, and then head to the computer terminal in the center of the room. Select “Boot up Department B”, and now the fight of the Feral Ghouls as the Bots start working their way through numbers.

Once your number is called, talk to the DMV Bot B2 and then leave the building, to follow the objective marker to an old mailbox on the ground. Pull the junk mail out of it, and return t the DMV.

Hand the junk mail to the DMV Bot B2, where he will tell you to get yet another form.

Even in the Apocalypse, the DMV is the Worst

Now you need to exit the DMV again and head west to Charleston Capitol Courthouse. Go to the bottom floor and grab the DMV form.

With form in hand, head back to the DMV yet again. Hand the form to DMV Bot B2, and then openly weep when he tells you you’re in the wrong department. Speak with DMV Bot C1; then use the number printer next to him. Use the terminal in the center of the room, select “Boot up Department C,” and fight over Feral Ghouls while waiting for your number to be called. Once your number is called, talk to DMV Bot C1. Wait for him to finish his awful, awful coffee break, and then have an emotional breakdown when he asks you to obtain a birth certificate.

Use the terminal on the room’s west side to learn about Error 34B/1. As DMV Bot C1 mentioned earlier, the error occurred because you don’t have a valid birth certificate. You must use a stamp from the governor’s office in order to validate your application. Head through the doors on the room’s south side and continue south; then go west to find the Governor’s Seal. Use it to stamp your document, and return it to the DMV to turn it in. Get your picture taken and you’ll earn your ID. Now let’s get back to Fort Defiance.

Becoming The Brotherhood

Once inside Fort Defiance, head through the left door and go to the top of the building. Once you reach the terminal, select “Register new personnel” and then “Scan military ID card.” You are now a full-fledged member of the Brotherhood of Steel.

With your name registered in the Brotherhood of Steel database, you are now free to use the elevator. Head to the fourth floor and enter the room at the end of the hall on the left. At the computer terminal here, select “URGENT: Touchdown Recovery” to complete the quest.


  • Bos Field Scribe Outfit
  • Ultracite Laser Pistol
  • Fusion Cell Ammo
  • Random Aid Item

Main Quest: Belly of the Beast

Transponder Hunting

If you’re still in Fort Defiance after completing the last quest, exit the building and head northeast. When you enter the boundary of the quest objective, turn on the Brotherhood Emergency Transponder radio station. You need to periodically use the signal strength indicator that appears in the screen’s top-left corner to locate a transponder. You’ll find the first transponder atop a bridge near the center of the circle. Sync with the transponder; then head east to search for a second one.

The Second Transponder

The second transponder is in the center of the circle sitting next to a crashed aircraft. After you find it, sync with the transponder and continue east.

The Third Transponder

The third is in Survey Camp Alpha slightly to the left of the center of the circle. When you have it and synced with it, continue east.

The Fourth Transponder

The fourth transponder is atop Drop Sit V9 just left of the circle’s Center. Sync with it and then go to Glassed Cavern.

Danger Around Every Turn

Use the Brotherhood Emergency Transponder and the objective marker to find your way through the cave. The cavern containing the transponder is also home to a living Scorchbeast. You must fight it and its Scorched minions in order to reach the transponder. It’s not an easy fight, so make sure you’re prepared when your transponder starts receiving 50 percent signal.

The cave’s restricted space definitely favors you and not the Scorchbeast in this fight. It won’t take flight, limiting its mobility tremendously, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still a complete killer. It shoots out energy waves from its mouth repeatedly, which is the attack you’ll spend the most time avoiding. Spring to the left or right of the Scorchbeast while it’s shooting these waves and you’ll have a good chance of avoiding them completely.

Keep your distance and use the rocky terrain to your advantage. Getting in close will push the Scorchbeast to swat at you with its claws and release a burst of toxic gas into the air around it. Use the giant rock near the room’s center to keep the Scorchbeast away from you, and take potshots at it while it tries to catch up. If you have any mines, place them while you run—the Scorchbeast sets them off when it follows you.

After defeating the Scorchbeast and its lackeys, investigate the transponder and Taggerdy’s body next to it. Loot Taggerdy’s ID, then return to Fort Defiance.

What are the Scorched?

Once back in Fort Defiance, head through the door on the left; then make an immediate right to reach the elevator. Take the elevator to the fourth floor. Use Taggerdy’s terminal and select “Ultimate Solution” to finish the quest.


  • Ultracite Power Armor
  • Random Legendary Weapon or Armor
  • Random Weapon Plan
  • Random Aid Item
  • Photo Frame

Main Quest: Uncle Sam

A Study of Sam

Go to Charleston Herald, follow the objective marker into the nearby, and read the note hidden inside a box of papers on the upper floor of the Herald.

What A Dump!

Sam Blackwell’s Bunker is on the east side of the map, hidden deep in the Deathclaw-filled Abandoned Waste Dump, find the dump east of Route 65 in the Mire. The entrance location can be a challenge considering the enemies around. Once you reach the elevator, use the control panel. Although the entry is denied, the next quest is quickly added.


  • Random Ammo and Aid Item

Main Quest: Bunker Buster

Hunting for Holotapes

In this quest, you have to head to the cave’s northern corner to find an Agent’s body to loot the Operation Summary-Blackwell Holotape off from it.

Listen to the tape which will reveal the existence of a Bypass Holotape, which can be used to crack through the Blackwall’s bunker security. Search the Deathclaw Nests around the cave, and when you find it, bring it to the elevator.

When in the elevator, use your Pip-Boy and use the Bypass Holotape under the Holo Tab in your Items menu as this will unlock the panel to the elevator, giving you full access to its function. You will now be able to use the elevator to enter the bunker.

Mission: Impregnable

Once in the bunker, head down the stairs and through the blue door ahead of you. Take the northern door to reach a laser grid; you must find a way to pass this laser grid if you want to have any hope of exploring deeper into the bunker.

Turn around, head back up the stairs, and exit the bunker’s main room. Hang a right and head through the door. Follow the path until it dead ends at a room with a large set of blue machinery. One of those machines is a computer terminal that you can hack to shut off the laser grid below. If you don’t have the Hacking skill level to break through, you can force a system restart by following these three steps:

  1. From the blue terminal room, backtrack until you’re on the catwalk in the center of the previous room. Walk onto the air ducts ahead and head left. Now press the switch on the wall to activate the circuit conduit.
  2. Return to the bunker’s main room and head through the door on the left. Open the circuit breaker lid to the left of the washing machine, and activate the circuit breaker.
  3. Head to the door on the other side of the bunker’s main room. Take the first left, and activate the Air Flue valve stationed on the pipes in the room’s top-left corner (above the two red lights).

After you perform a system reboot or hack the terminal, return to the laser grid room and use the hand scanner to register yourself and gain control over the grid.


In this part of the quest, there will be a keypad on the dividing wall in the center of the room. Sam Blackwell has some well-guarded secrets in here, but in order to reach them, you will need to crack the code. Return to the room and search through the filing cabinets. One of them will contain a Senate Orientation Letter while another holds a Record of Divorce: The Blackwells and a third has Intelligence Memo 0 8/16/77. Find and read them all and then read the “Judy’s Gone” entry on the Sam’s Terminal, where one of these will hold the access code.

Sam I Am

After inputting the proper code, return to the other half of the room and investigate the indicated painting. You’ll get the Welcome to The Whitespring Holotape and the Congressional Access Card from the back of the painting.


  • Deathclaw Gauntlet
  • Random Ammo
  • Random Aid Item
  • Random Armor Mod

Main Quest: One Of Us

Modus Operandi

Fast-Travel to either Top of the World or 98 NAR Regional and head south to the Whitespring Bunker.

The bunker entrance is blocked by a vault door, but a mysterious figure inside the bunker will open it and let you in. Accept his invitation and enter.

Make your way down the right corridor. Approach the marked button and press it to have your picture taken. Head over to the dispenser slightly to your left and activate it to obtain some Operative Underarmor, courtesy of the house. Now head through the “Orientation” door and go downstairs.

Exam Week

After speaking with our benevolent host, head farther downstairs by following the passage to the left. MODUS will request that you take an exam to prove your intelligence. If you’re not in the mood or find tests anxiety-provoking, you can use the MODUS terminal behind the testing computer to skip the exam altogether. Scoring well on the test is recommended; MODUS will immediately reward you for any score higher than four points, and send backup to aid you later if you score well enough.

MODUS will grant you an item based on the result of the examination and a System Access Tape, which you’ll need to help him hack into a SigInt System terminal in Sugar Grove, near Route 65.

Corporate Espionage

In this Quest, fast travel to Camp Venture on the east side of the Appalachia (on the border between Cranberry Bog and the Ash Heap); then head toward the objective marker to reach Sugar Grove. The southern door requires a key to open, but the northern door is available with the touch of a button on a nearby computer terminal.

Go downstairs to the SigInt System terminal and insert the System Access Tape; then follow the terminal prompts. Head up a floor and use the Archival Dispenser to get MODUS’s lost data. Fast-Travel back to The Whitespring Bunker.

This Is Definitely a good Idea

Once you are back in The Whitespring Bunker, use the control panel to open the vault door back into the bunker. This time, instead of heading to the right to enter the room where you got your picture taken, take a left through the laser grid. Use the elevator to reach the exam room. Follow MODUS’s directions and he’ll pass you an Uplink Module with instructions to install it.

Next, just south of Sugar Grove (or between the National Isolated Radio Array and Camp Venture) is the Radio Astronomy Research Center, which is your next destination. Enter the building and head to the top floor to reach the roof. Insert the Uplink Module on the Connection Platform machine on the research center roof.

Now you have to leave the research center and head east along the road a short distance to find a care package containing both an Orbital Scan Beacon and an Orbital Strike Beacon. Grab the care package’s contents, and head back to The Whitespring Bunker. Take the elevator back down to the exam room and speak with MODUS to complete the quest.


  • Bunker buster (modded missile launcher)
  • Orbital strike beacon
  • Orbital strike beacon schematic
  • Orbital scan beacon
  • Orbital scan beacon schematics
  • Random ammo
  • Random aid
  • Random plan
  • Photo frame

Main Quest: Officer On Deck


In this quest, make your way to the military wing. As you enter the wing, MODUS begins explaining the American military’s nuclear system. Then use the terminal in the room’s back corner to activate the Automated Promotion System.

From here you must rise up the ranks of the Whitespring Automated Promotion System, which requires you to do tasks and objectives to earn Promotion Commendations. Earn enough and you’ll gain a promotion; get promoted enough and you’ll gain power and influence in The Whitespring Bunker, which unlocks some fascinating new opportunities.

Let’s break down how Promotion Commendations work:

  • Basic Combat Commendations: earned by killing Epic Creatures with three or fewer stars next to their names. Each time you accomplish this, you’ll earn a single Commendation.
  • High-Risk Combat Commendations: earned by killing Scorchbeasts or Epic Creatures with four or five stars next to their names. Every time you kill a creature that falls into one of these categories, you’ll earn a single Commendation.

You’ll also earn Commendations for completing Enclave Events. Completing “Dropped Connection” and “Bots on Parade” earn one Commendation each; “A Real Blast” earns two Commendations.

Once you have enough Commendations, you’ll be promoted automatically and the quest will conclude. The next quest, “I Am Become Death,” begins immediately after.


  • Last Bastion
  • Enclave Officer’s Uniform
  • Enclave Officer’s Hat
  • Random Aid Item
  • Photo Frame

Main Quest: I Am Become Death

War Never Changes

In this task, you have to head back to The Whitespring Bunker and re-enter the military wing, Take a right and head through the laser grid that has the “Command” label above its door. Go upstairs and you’ll receive the task of using each of the four terminals; all are meant to teach you the fine art of firing a nuke. Launching a nuke is not a one-person activity.

First, you have to obtain a Nuclear Keycard which can be found in the supply box of a Vertibot that is being escorted somewhere around Appalachia

The second is to obtain Launch Codes which can be found from ghouls or Scorched officers carrying a beacon on its back that beeps loudly. Since there are three nuclear silos, you will need to gather eight Silo codes for a specific silo, then put the numbers together, then use a cipher key to decode the Launch Code

Once you have the Nuclear keycard and the Launch Codes, you must overcome the automated silos. These can only be done with a group of people.

The last step is Nuclear Fallout, where after you have completed everything above, you will be asked the target. You can choose anywhere in Appalachia except Vault 76 down to Flatwoods.

Cracking the Code

Now you can put the pieces together and launch the nuke. Firstly you have to head into the back room to use the terminal. Then select Ellen Satiago’s Archive, then choose “The Code Pieces” entry. You’ll receive the Fujiniya Facility Password. You can also use the Surveillance System terminal on the southeast side of the command room to track the location of the Nuclear Keycard and Nuclear Code Pieces. Using it to track either the Keycard or the Code Pieces will initiate the “Hide and Seek and Destroy” quest. Use this quest to locate both until you have everything you need.

Once you have all the eight Code Pieces for a single silo and a Launch Keycard, head to Mama Dolce’s Food Processing where we will learn how to crack the code.

Party Time

Once you reach the end of the road, open the hatch on your left to enter the base. Head to the lowest floor and follow the objective marker until you reach the open room with the set of tables sitting in front of a large piece of blue machinery. Head northwest and use the terminal behind this machinery. Put in the password you acquired in The Whitespring Bunker.

Main Quest: Mission Countdown

Down for the Count

In this quest, you are going to encounter a lot of enemies and obstacles that will test even the most seasoned band of survivors. Each silo has five major events, in each you will have to take down initial defenders, then complete a series of objectives while holding the line against an endless stream of powerful robots.

Only after you complete all five events is when you can access the launch control system.

Main Quest: The Rundown

Event 1: The Residential Area

Hack the terminal in the entryway, and use it to disable the Supervisor and turrets. Then head in and clear out the rest of the area. If you’re careful (don’t kill the Supervisor!), you can avoid triggering the security system here and buy yourself some time to look around.

Each member of your team must complete this event individually. A good strategy is to have half your team run through the objectives while the other half fends off the robots, and then alternate. Once everyone has acquired and registered their Biometric ID, the security system shuts down, and you can make your way forward.

Event 2: The Reactor Area

The Reactor Area is flooded with lethal levels of radiation. If you brought a Hazmat Suit, equip it before getting anywhere near the door to this area. Otherwise, equip your best radiation protection gear, take a RadX, and have your RadAway favorited. A couple of Hazmat Suits can be found in the first room of this area, although you’ll be taking significant radiation damage already by that point.

In the first room, hack the terminal and use it to disable the Supervisor and turrets. You can also use it to turn on the Decontamination Arches, which is highly recommended—it’s much faster and cheaper than burning through your supply of RadAway. Terminals elsewhere in the Reactor Area will allow you to activate robot allies to help in the fight that follows.

If your entire team has Hazmat Suits, it’s worth clearing the room, and then taking a minute to locate all of the broken pipes. You can’t repair them until you shut down the reactor but you can map them out and make sure your team is spread out and ready to hit them as soon as the system shuts down.

Once you do shut down the reactors, repair the pipes as quickly as possible, and then restart the reactor to end the security alarm. If you have a small team, it may be worth ignoring the enemies entirely and just rushing the repairs—you don’t have a lot of time, and you’re likely to run out if you keep stopping to fight.

Event 3: The Operations Center

There’s no time to waste here—the security alarm sounds as soon as you set foot in the Operations Center. A terminal in the first room will allow you to disable the Supervisor and turrets, though.

The key to completing the Operations Center efficiently is explosives—a single well-placed grenade can take out an entire bank of console panels and their Mainframe Cores (as well as any nearby robots). Be careful to coordinate your actions with your team, though—grenade accidents can be messy.

Event 4: The Storage Area

In the first room of the Storage Area, pick the lock on the side office door to get to the terminal, where you can disable the Supervisor and turrets. Then head into the main room and deal with the Sentry Bot and the other robots.

Once you’ve cleared the room, find the terminal on the side wall and use it to open the terminal-locked door leading back to the entrance—if you have to respawn, this shortcut makes rejoining your group a whole lot quicker.

The security system in this area will trip as soon as you interact with the Facilities Mainframe terminal or any of the Mainframe Cores. If you want, you can take a moment to locate (but don’t pick up) the Mainframe Cores you’re going to need.

An even better solution is to repair the damaged cores. Have one member of your team quickly remove all 15 Damaged Mainframe Cores from the Facilities Mainframe, then head in to the Tinker’s Workbench in the next room. If you brought the Scrap Steel and Circuits we recommended, you can quickly repair all 15 cores, return to the mainframe, and slot them in, no scrounging required.

It’s Been a Blast

When the launch prep is completed, the control console will now be active. Insert your Nuclear Keycard into the keycard receptacle, if you enter the wrong code you will have to track another Nuclear Keycard and repeat the entire silo, so enter the code carefully.

Once your code is accepted, approach the targeting computer and choose the location you want to nuke. A suggested target is available, but you’re free to select any point in Appalachia except portions of the Forest region. Confirm your choice, and you’ll exit the targeting system.

Scorched Earth

The Prime Fissure has opened with an enormous Scorchedbeast Queen that you have to kill before she makes a new nest elsewhere.


  • Ultracite Ore
  • Random Ammo
  • Random Aid Item
  • Random Plan, Armor, Mod, or Weapon
  • Chance for a Random Legendary Weapon or Armor

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This concludes our Fallout 76 Main Quests Guide Part 2. Feel free to comment below

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