Fallout 76 Wastelanders Allies Location Guide – How to Recruit All Allies

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Allies Location Guide

This Fallout 76 Wastelanders Allies Location Guide will show you how to find all the allies and recruit them. Allies are NPCs that require their own quest for you to complete in order to get them on your team.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Allies Location Guide

Below we have listed the allies that you can find and recruit after completing each quest.


To recruit Beckett, make sure your player level is at least Level 20. Now head towards Ash Heap, which is on the western part of the map. Here you will find a radio broadcast that will want you to rescue Beckett from a prison.

Beckett is being held as a prisoner at the Rollins Labour Camp. This location will be near the Uncanny Caverns. You will find enemies here so make sure you can take them out before talking to Beckett. He will be locked inside the jail cell, which requires a key to free him. The key is on the third floor of this location, inside a crate.

Now take the key to unlock the jail cell and free Beckett. He will ask you to get his gear as well, which can be found at the Sludgeworks, south of this prison location. Collect them and give them to Beckett, and this will allow him to join your camp.

Commander Daguerre

This ally requires that you first reach Level 25, and then head to the Mire to get the radio signal for the distress call. Once the quest begins, you have to go to the marked location of East Ridge Lookout at the Mire. Climb down to the abandoned Bunker where you will find Commander Daguerre.

Talk to Commander Daguerre, and she will want you to get the flight recorder data from the crashed ship. This is southwest from where she is, near the Gulper Lagoon. When you are retrieving the data, there will be multiple enemies spawning while the data is being downloaded. Take the data back to Commander Daguerre, and she will now want you to get the USSA robot to decrypt the data.

Head to the marked location and talk to Pandora who will not give you the key easily. You can fight her, or if your intelligence is +8, you can get the passcode from Commander Daguerre which is Blue Sunset. Either way, once you have the encryption key, return to the commander and then she will then join your camp.

Raider Punk

To require this ally, make sure that you are at least at the Cooperative level with the Raiders. When you are ready, head to The Crater which will be to the north part of the map. Now head over to The Crater Core, which is where Raider Punk can usually be found.

All that is left is to talk to him and recruit him at your camp.

Settler Forager

For this ally, you need to go to The Foundation. This small town will have a large structure to the right of the main path from the entrance. An elevator here will take you underground to the Founder’s Hall.

There will be NPCs here, but you can find the Settler Forager near the waterfall. Talk to him and you will recruit him. Make sure you build the Forager’s Chair for him to spawn at your camp.

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This concludes our Fallout 76 Wastelanders Allies Location Guide. Post your comments below.

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