Fallout 76 Diseases and Mutations Guide – How to Cure, Positive, Negative Effects

Fallout 76 Diseases and Mutations Guide

In this Fallout 76 Diseases and Mutations Guide, we will guide you on all the diseases and mutations that you can acquire in Fallout 76. Since Fallout 76 is based on a radioactive wasteland, it only makes sense that while traversing these wastelands, you can often acquire a disease or a mutation by certain toxic things.

We have curated this Fallout 76 Diseases and Mutations Guide in which we have listed all the different diseases and mutations that could be acquired in Fallout 76. We have also detailed their negative and positive effects and other status effects that will be active while you suffer from a specific disease or mutation.

Diseases and Mutations Guide – Fallout 76

Our Fallout 76 Diseases and Mutations Guide details everything that you need to know about diseases and mutations in Fallout 76.


Mutations last forever unless you look for a cure for them. Throughout your journey in West Virginia, you will come across many different radiation-filled zones and sometimes you will consume edibles that are radioactive. These may lead to your acquisition of a mutation. The game shows how much exposed to radiation you are all the time and you can use different methods to prevent too much exposure.

Items such as RadAway, Diluted RadAway, and decontamination arches will help you prevent and cure mutations. Certain character builds are also more resistant to radiation exposure. Keeping your radiation levels low will ensure that you do not acquire a mutation. Mutations come with both negative and positive effects.

We have detailed all the mutations along with their negative and positive effects below.

Mutation Positive Effect Negative Effect
Adrenal Reaction Increases damage on low-health 50 Health
Bird Bones Increases Agility by +4 and decreases fall speed and damage +4 Strength
Carnivore Eating Meat gives double nutrition Vegetables grant no nutrition
Chameleon Makes you invisible in combat if you are wearing no armor and standing still Does not work if armored or moving
Eagle Eyes Grants +4 Perception and 25% boost to V.A.T.S. critical damage +4 Strength
Egg Head +6 Intelligence +3 Strength and Endurance
Electrically Charged Melee attackers get shocked sometimes Damages yourself in the process
Empath Teammates receive 25% less damage You take 33% more damage
Grounded +100 Energy Resistance +50% Damage dealt with Energy weapons
Healing Factor Regenerates health continuously Chem effects are reduced by 55%
Herbivore Double bonuses are granted by vegetables Meat grants no nutrition
Herd Mentality Grants 2 bonus to all SPECIALS when playing in a group -2 to all SPECIALS when solo
Marsupial Increases carry weight by 20 and grants higher jump -4 intelligence
Plague Walker Creates an aura around you that poisons enemies. The more diseases you suffer from, the more powerful this aura is Does not work if you are not suffering from any diseases
Scaly Skin Grants 50 damaged and energy resistance Reduces Action Points by 50
Talons Grants 25% bonus damage to fists and they deal 25 additional bleed damage for 5 seconds -4 Agility
Twisted Muscles Grants 25% bonus to melee damage and a small chance to cripple your enemies Reduces Gun Accuracy by 50%
Unstoppable Force Grants a chance to blast back enemies with radiation when they attack you with melee weapons Damages yourself and most of the enemies are already radiated


Diseases have negative effects and they are not permanent. Players who get diseased will suffer some negative effects for some time after which they will be back to normal. Diseases are caught by diseased creatures or even from the environment such as stepping in traps, airborne, walking or swimming in dirty water, or sleeping in dirty beds.

Unlike Mutations, Diseases only come with negative effects/ We have detailed the diseases you can acquire in Fallout 76 below.

Blight Reduces all SPECIAL stats by 1 for 15 minutes
Blood Worms Increased damage is taken by 25% for 15 minutes
Bone Worms Increased limb damage is taken by 50% for 15 minutes
Buzz Brain Reduces Intelligence by 2 for 15 minutes
Dysentery You lose water continuously for 15 minutes
Fever Claw Reduces ranged weapons damage by 25% for 15 minutes
Flap Limb Reduces Strength by 2 for 15 minutes
Glowing Pustules Your wounds bleed radiation for 15 minutes
Heat Flashes Reduces Endurance by 2 for 15 minutes
Jelly Fingers Increases Ranged V.A.T.S. AP cost by 50% for 15 minutes
Lock Joint Increases Melee V.A.T.S. AP cost by 50% for 15 minutes
Needle Spine Reduces carry capacity by 10 for 15 minutes
Parasites You lose food periodically for 15 minutes
Rad Worms Increased radiation damage is taken by 50% for 15 minutes
Rattle Hands Reduces damage done by ranged weapons by 25% for 15 minutes
Shell Shock Your wounds drain Action Points for 15 minutes
Sludge Lung Reduces AP points by 50% and their regeneration rate by 50% for 15 minutes
Snot Ear Reduces Perception by 2 for 15 minutes
Swamp Gas Reduces Charisma by 2 for 15 minutes
Swamp Itch Reduces Agility by 2 for 15 minutes
Weeping Sores Wounds bleed for 15 minutes continuously
The Whoopsies Reduces Luck by 2 for 15 minutes

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This concludes our Fallout 76 Diseases and Mutations Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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