Strategic City-Builder Game for Birds Scorchlands Full Release Date Revealed

Scorchlands Release Date

Jakub Rogalski, the independent developer and founder of Ringlab studio, along with publisher Star Drifters, have announced the release date of version 1.0 of the strategy game Scorchlands. After more than a year in Early Access, Scorchlands is set to launch its full version on July 25th, 2024.

Scorchlands tells the story of the Giwi, a birdfolk nation with dreams of space exploration. Their adventurous spirit leads them to organize an expedition to the moon Helia, where they must establish settlements on its hostile surface. The Giwi utilize both technology and magic to terraform the barren lunar landscape into vibrant meadows, forests, and lakes.

Check out the Full Release Date Trailer below:

In Scorchlands, magic adds a layer of complexity and unpredictability. The more the Giwi colonize and terraform Helia, the more magical beasts emerge, making the gameplay increasingly challenging. This dynamic keeps players on their toes as they manage their settlements and fend off unexpected threats.

New Features in the Full Release:

With the transition from Early Access to the full release, Scorchlands introduces several new features and improvements:

  • Faster Building and Structure Relocation: Colonizing Helia is now more efficient, with buildings constructed much faster and the ability to relocate structures or exchange them between colonies.
  • Enhanced Models: The visual appeal of the game has been improved, with better models for villages and inhabitants.
  • Controller Support: Players can now use controllers comfortably with the help of a special radial menu.
  • Achievements: Ringlab has added 20 diverse achievements, providing players with satisfying challenges to complete.

Scorchlands Release Date

Key Features of Scorchlands

  • Hex Grid-Based City-Building: Construct various buildings in your colonies, with each structure’s productivity influenced by neighboring resources and other constructions.
  • Complex Resource Management: Beyond extracting materials, Scorchlands emphasizes logistics, moving resources between colonies and combining them in processing chains. Unique to Scorchlands, resources are transported using lasers.
  • Terraforming for the Greater Good: Use magic and technology to change biomes on procedurally generated maps, exploiting new environments for their unique resources.
  • Technology Designed for Fun: The technology system is crucial for player progression, opening up new ways to interact with the game world.
  • Minimalistic Combat System: Strategic positioning is key in battles, allowing players to destroy enemies by surrounding them and placing forces optimally.

Even after its full release, Scorchlands’ development will continue. The team plans to add support for an additional 21 languages, ensuring a broader reach for the game. Additional details about future updates will be announced later.

Scorchlands will officially leave Early Access on July 25th and will be available on Steam. Strategy enthusiasts should mark their calendars and take advantage of the current 40% discount, which lasts until July 11th. If you wish to jump into the game right now, you can do so in the Early Phase as well or if you want to wait a little before trying it out, consider adding it to your Steam wishlist.

Scorchlands Release Date


What are your thoughts on Scorchlands, and will you be playing it when it launches out of Early Access on its release date later this month? Let us know in the comments section below.

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