City-Building Strategy Title Scorchlands Gets New Trailer, Demo

Scorchlands Release Date

Developer Ringlab and publisher Star Drifters have announced the release of a new trailer and playable demo of their upcoming city-building strategy game Scorchlands. The new trailer showcases how players can use magic in the game for city building, logistics, and resource management. The bird people of Giwi, the in-game world, use enhanced technology to colonize the volcanic moon of Helia. Check it out in the new trailer below:

Scorchlands is a unique city-building game where you build your very own colonies and manage them with magic. The colonies are built on the hostile environment of the moon, and you must first terraform the area to ensure that different settlements are connected with each other with the web of magical lasers to ensure a smooth flow of resources between the colonies and protecting each other from the dangerous inhabitants of the moon. The position of each building in the game plays a vital role in the game since each structure’s effects may change because of neighboring hexes.

These could be resources or even other constructions however putting the right buildings next to each other can also benefit you as you find synergy between them. As you expand your settlement, you will continue to discover more and more synergies. Throughout the game, your settlements will come under attack by different creatures living on the moon however you will use magic to deal with them as well making magic a critical component of the overall gameplay of Scorchlands.

Key features of the game include:

  • Hex grid-based city-building – construct various buildings in your colonies. Each structure’s productivity depends on neighboring resources and other constructions.
  • Complex resource management – it’s not only about extracting materials. Scorchlands takes account of logistics – the movement of resources between colonies and combining them in robust processing chains. And yes, we move resources using LASERS!
  • Terraforming for the greater good – use magic and technology to change the biomes on procedurally generated maps and exploit the new environment to gain its unique resources.
  • Technology designed to give fun – there’s no fun in a sandbox if you don’t have the toys to play with. The technology system in Scorchlands is key for player progression and new discoveries open up more ways to play with the game world.
  • Minimalistic combat system – when you get into a fight, positioning will be key. Destroy your enemies by surrounding them and placing your forces in optimal locations.

Scorchlands Demo

You can try out a free demo of Scorchlands right now if you head over to the game’s Steam page where you can add the game to your wishlist as well. Additional details about the game will be revealed in the future however Scorchlands will first release as an Early Access game.

What are your thoughts on the new Scorchlands trailer and will you be jumping into the free demo of the game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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