Fantasy City-Builder Scorchlands Early Access Release Date Revealed

Scorchlands Early Access

Publisher Star Drifters and developer Ringlab have announced the early access release date of their upcoming fantasy city-builder Scorchlands. In Scorchlands, you will be responsible for colonizing the moon of Helia while fighting against dangerous creatures along with the laws of economics. Scorchlands will be released in Early Access on Steam on February 7, 2023. The publisher has released a brand-new trailer of Scorchlands to celebrate the early access release date of the game and you can check out below:

Helia’s moon where you are planning to settle is a hostile place to live and you will be required to do all of the tasks required for a successful settlement creation. You are in luck because the birdfolk of Giwi are masters of technology, magic, terraforming, and resource logistics. You will settle and manage multiple colonies at the same time as you gather resources and discover inventions essential for survival in a hostile environment. The moon’s landscape changes drastically over time.

You will find forests, meadows, and lakes covering the surface while whole satellites are crossed with lasers that form the means of transportation for resources. Since the developer is aiming for an early access release, community feedback will play a vital role in the game’s development. The developer and publisher are inviting everyone to try out the game and encouraging fans for feedback and suggestions. They have also shared the detailed roadmap for the game with four upcoming updates for the game. Key features of Scorchlands include:

  • Hex grid-based city-building – construct various buildings in your colonies. Each structure’s productivity depends on neighboring resources and other constructions.
  • Complex resource management – it’s not only about extracting materials. Scorchlands takes account of logistics – the movement of resources between colonies and combining them in robust processing chains. And yes, we move resources using LASERS!
  • Terraforming for the greater good – use magic and technology to change the biomes on procedurally generated maps and exploit the new environment to gain its unique resources.
  • Technology designed to give fun – there’s no fun in a sandbox if you don’t have the toys to play with. The technology system in Scorchlands is key for player progression and new discoveries open up new ways to play with the game world.
  • Minimalistic combat system – when you get into a fight, the positioning will be the key. Destroy your enemies by surrounding them and placing your forces in optimal locations.

Scorchlands Early Access

A Steam page for Scorchlands is now available where you can add the game to your wishlist. If you want, you can also download and try out a free demo of the game as well that gives you a small chunk of the game to try out. Scorchlands is slated for its early access release on Steam on February 7, 2023. You can also check out the previously released teaser trailer of Scorchlands as well.

Are you looking forward to playing Scorchlands when it launches in early access? Let us know in the comments section below.

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