30XX Update

Mega Roguelite 30XX Unleashes 1.2 Update with New Character and More

Today marks an electrifying milestone for the mega rogue-lite platformer 30XX from Batterystaple Games as it rolls out its highly anticipated free 1.2 content update. Packed with thrilling additions, including…

Biomutant Nintendo Switch

Biomutant Finally Receives Nintendo Switch Release Date

After three years of captivating players on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms, Biomutant, the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic Wung-Fu fable open-world RPG, is gearing up for its debut on Nintendo Switch….

Champion Shift

SRG Studios Launches Action Roguelike Champion Shift in Early Access

SRG Studios introduces a fresh face to the action roguelike genre with the early access release of Champion Shift, offering players a dynamic blend of intense combat, unique mechanics, and…

Dungeon Drafters Consoles

Dungeon Drafters to Launch on Consoles with Full Content Update

Publisher DANGEN Entertainment and developer Manalith Studios have announced that their mystery dungeon adventure game, Dungeon Drafters, is set to be released on all consoles digitally on March 14, 2024….

Wizdom Academy Trailer

Kipwak Studio Unveils New Trailer for Magical Management Game Wizdom Academy

Switzerland-based indie developer Kipwak Studio has unveiled an enchanting new trailer for their upcoming magical management game, Wizdom Academy. Set in a world where mana, the magical life force, is…

Cavern of Dreams Switch

Enchanting Adventure Cavern of Dreams Arrives on Nintendo Switch

Today marks the release of the captivating 3D platformer, Cavern of Dreams, on the Nintendo eShop, promising players an immersive journey through a vibrant and retro-inspired world. Developed by Bynine…

Gas Station Simulator Tidal Wave DLC

Gas Station Simulator Expands Horizons with Tidal Wave DLC

Gas Station Simulator, the management game developed and published by DRAGO entertainment, is about to make waves with its latest expansion, the “Tidal Wave” DLC. Scheduled for release on Thursday,…

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Units Sold

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Hits 1.1 Million Units Sold: A Milestone in Horror Gaming

Gun Interactive has proudly announced today that their asymmetrical multiplayer horror title, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, has surpassed 1.1 million units sold. Since its launch on August 18th, 2023,…

Forest Hills: The Last Year

Undaunted Games Announces Relaunch of Forest Hills: The Last Year for Prom Season 2024

Undaunted Games is thrilled to unveil the relaunch of Forest Hills: The Last Year, set to coincide with Prom Season 2024. With a fresh new name and a slew of…

The Magical Mixture Mill

The Magical Mixture Mill Set to Launch Full Version on Steam

Indie publishing label HOOK and developer Glowlight are delighted to announce the official launch of their enchanting automated potion brewing game, The Magical Mixture Mill, on March 27th for PC…