Days Gone: How to Increase Inventory and Ammo Limit?

Days Gone Inventory Ammo

Days Gone is an open world survival game so it is natural that you will need plenty of inventory space for storing items and ammo. When the game starts, you will have a small and limited inventory space which also goes for your ammo. It is vital that you increase your inventory space and ammo limit as well so that you can stock up on more ammo and items while exploring different areas in the game.

You will need to store different items and more importantly Crafting Materials in your inventory making it vital for your survival. You must have a healthy stock of bike repair materials which is called Scrap in Days Gone as well as your own health restore items which include health bandages. To deal with Freakers and other enemies, you must also have plenty of ammo in your inventory as well.

How to Increase Inventory and Ammo Limits in Days Gone?

For all this, it is vital that you increase your Inventory and Ammo limit as quickly as possible in Days Gone. Lucky for you, there is not much that you need to do in order to increase both Inventory and Ammo limits. You simply need to purchase two different skills that will allow you to have greater Inventory and Ammo limits.

To increase your Inventory limit, purchase the Survival Skill ‘Carry That Weight’. This will double your inventory space and you will be able to carry more throwables, crafting materials and traps in the game. To increase your Ammo limit, purchase the Ranged Combat Skill ‘Up The Ante’ to increase ammo limit for all weapons in Days Gone.

This is it. These two skills are the only ways to increase your Inventory and Ammo limit in Days Gone. However, you must note that these skills are not available right away. They are pretty high in the skill trees so you must invest enough points in both Survival and Ranged Combat skill trees so that both of these are unlocked for you to purchase.

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This concludes our Days Gone Guide which tells you how to increase your Inventory and Ammo Limit. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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