Days Gone Marauder Camp Quest Locations Guide – Where to Find

Days Gone Marauder Camp Quest Locations Guide

In this Days Gone Marauder Camp Quest Locations Guide, we will guide you on the locations of all Marauder Camp quests so that you can easily find and complete them. There are 10 Marauder Quests in Days Gone and you must complete all of them to unlock the Marauder Camp Hunter trophy/achievement. Completing all quests will also complete the Marauder Camp Hunter Questline which is a side quest line.

You can completely ignore these side quests until the end of the main story. You can complete these side quests at any time in the game. None of these side quests can be missed if you progress through the main story so you can easily complete them at the end of the story. 2 of these side quests come from main story missions anyway so you get to know about these missions while playing the main story.

Marauder Camp Quest Locations Guide – Days Gone

Our Days Gone Marauder Camp Quest Locations Guide details everything that you need to know about completing Marauder Camp side quests in Days Gone.

Marauder Camp Quest Locations

You will automatically play through the first two Marauder Camp quests while playing the story. These are total 10 in number which leaves 8 behind. The remaining 8 are side quests and you will get them from Encampment Jobs. The camps are only found during these missions and you do not have to collect anything in the open world for these quests. Their locations are detailed below.

  • Story Mission: Drifters on the Mountain
  • Story Mission: Smoke on the Mountain
  • Cascade Encampment Job 5/6: Here’s a Little Chaos
  • Belknap Encampment Job 7/8: Rippers, Rest in Hell
  • Lost Lake Encampment Job 2/7: Drifters at Eden Hall
  • Lost Lake Encampment Job 6/7: He’s Just a Kid
  • Crater Lake Encampment Job: He’s Feeding the Freaks
  • Crater Lake Encampment Job: Just Doing My Job
  • Crater Lake Encampment Job: A Bunch of Cavemen
  • Crater Lake Encampment Job: How Do I Get Them?

Once you complete these encampment jobs, your progress towards the Marauder Quests is also automatically completed. For more Days Gone guides, check out the links below.

This concludes our Days Gone Marauder Camp Quest Locations Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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