Days Gone RIP Sermon Location Guide – Where to Find All RIP Sermon

Days Gone RIP Sermon Location Guide

In this Days Gone RIP Sermon Location Guide, we will show you all the locations where you can find the RIP Sermons in the game. These are a sort of collectible in the game, which can be found all throughout the map of the game.

Rippers faction has placed propaganda speakers in specific places in the game. your job is to find them and cut off the speakers to silence them. This guide will point of all the locations of the speakers which are broadcasting these sermons.

You can go after the RIP Sermons after you have finished the main story of the game. None of the RIP Sermons are miss-able, and you can go back to all regions and finish collecting all of the sermons. Its best to visit any you interact during your story missions, but leave the rest for when all the regions are unlocked.

Days Gone RIP Sermon Location Guide

In total, there are 13 RIP Sermons that you can find in the game. Finding them adds towards tour collectible completion. Below we have detailed all the locations of the RIP Sermons and where you can find them.

Fear the Rising

Don’t Run

Pain is a Gift

Set You Free

Destroy Your Ego

Sacrifice for Freedom

One Mind

Founder’s Tale

The Ultimate Goal

Rest in Peace

The Free

The Rising is Coming

Join or Die

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This concludes our Days Gone RIP Sermon Location Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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