Days Gone Best Weapons Guide –  How to Get the Best Gun

In this guide Days Gone Best Weapons Guide, we will show you all the best weapons in the game that you can get for yourself, whether you are just starting with the game, or looking for the all-time best weapons of the game.

This guide will also detail how you can get these weapons, and what skills will make them even more powerful during combat.

Days Gone Best Weapons Guide

Below we have listed some of the best early game weapons, and the best all-around melee weapon, along with best Gun of the game in our opinion.

Best Beginner Weapons

In the early stages of your gameplay, you will likely not have access to powerful weapons that you can use to take on a horde of Freakers. Even if you do have a powerful weapon, you would still not have enough space to carry ammo. However, you will have some options available that will be the best out of the rest

The best early game weapons are the Crossbow, the Silenced Pistol, and the Spiked Bat Melee Weapon. These weapons are best used in stealth combat, which is why you should focus on strategic approaches and avoid alerting enemies.

The Crossbow is a perfect option to start with as it only requires very common materials to craft its arrows. With one piece of Scrap and 2 Cedar Saplings, you can craft 5 bolts. Trees will be marked on your mini-map with the “Hawkeyed” survival skill. Crossbow also ensures that you never run out of ammo in the wild, because of the abundant resources for crafting.

The Silenced Pistol is a great option to take down human enemies with a headshot, while the Spiked Bat works best against Freakers. When you find yourself fighting against the Freakers, this melee weapon is your best bet.

Best Melee Weapon

The best melee weapon in the game is the Bat Axe. You can get the crafting plans for this weapon by conquering the Ambush Camps. Pair this weapon with the following skills to make it even more powerful:

  • Hard Hitter
  • Home Run
  • Field Repairs

These skills will massively increase the damage dealt with the Bat Axe and will kill an enemy with a single hit. The Field Repairs skill will allow you to repair the weapon anytime by using Scraps.

The Bat Axe is great against Freakers as it takes only one hit to take them down in the day, while two hits at night (if you have the attached skills). Always make sure that you keep repairing this melee weapon before it breaks.

Best Gun

The best gun in the game is the Chicago Chopper. It is an SMG that looks like a Tommy gun and can hold 55 rounds of ammo in one clip. As you can expect, it has a high rate of fire and can take down enemies with one bullet. With a gun this powerful, and lots of ammo, you can take down hordes of Freakers pretty easily.

If you want the Chicago Chopper for yourself, you need to buy it from the Merchant in the Wizard Island camp. this is also the 5th region that you visit.

To make the gun even more effective, you can carry more ammo with the “Up the Ante” ranged combat skill, which will allow you to carry 330 bullets in total. Additionally, you can also upgrade your bike with Saddlebags that will allow you to refill ammo out in the wild.

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This concludes our Days Gone Best Weapons Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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  1. I’m currently loaded out post-late game with the upgraded IDF PUP (65 clip), upgraded MG 55 (115 clip), and the upgraded SMP9 (50 clip). All of which you get by defeating hordes. I personally love the MG 55 for its good damage and extremely large clip size.

  2. Actually the best melee weapon is the Superior Bat Axe. You get it in the 5th region after a character asks you to find her some yeast. It has full durability and damage. The specific area has three breakers and a fuck-ton of newts. Its located on the front porch to the left. Also if you go the right there’ll be a weapon that’s also pretty decent.

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