Days Gone Combat Guide – Combat Tips, Stealth

Days Gone Combat Guide

In this Days Gone Combat Guide, we will give you some combat tips and how you should approach before engaging in any sort of combat. Days Gone offers you a variety of options that you can strategically use to plan and approach enemies.

There are various types of enemies in the game that you will fight against. While you are provided with a handful of weapons, going in guns blazing is not the wisest way to approach a combat scenario. In Days Gone, you can use the environment to your advantage, tagging enemies, and to distract them are all possibilities that can aid you in successfully winning a fight.

Days Gone Combat Guide

Below we have detailed how you should combat in Days Gone, and list some combat and stealth tips that can help you greatly at the start of the game.

Stealth Mode

Stealth mode can be activated when you crouch while in bushes, which hides you from any enemies nearby. This is an effective way to sneak up on enemies or to follow them, depending on your objective. Hiding in the bushes and examining the location gives you a good idea of what you can expect from the enemies and their attacks.

Additionally, you can also make sneaking easy if you unlock the “Thief in the Night” stealth combat skill which reduces the noise generated when moving. You can also upgrade your bike in order for it to make less noise and attract danger towards you.

You can also plan your approach well, using traps and items that can lure enemies to a proximity mine or bait. This can massively aid you in taking down a large number of enemies, especially Hordes.

If you plan on staying stealthy in combat, you can also take down enemies unnoticed by walking up behind them and performing a stealth takedown. This, however, is only effective against a single target but may not be useful when facing multiple enemies.

Once you have reached a location, mark the enemy with your binoculars and then sneak up behind them for the kill.

Use Items in Combat

There are many items you can use in combat. From distracting the enemy to luring them into traps. The first and the most common way to distract an enemy is by throwing a rock. Rocks are distractors that you can use to lure enemies in a different direction. Rocks can distract both Freakers and Human enemies in the game.

You can also place traps in the field that can aid you greatly. You will occasionally come across bear traps in your explorations in the game. Carefully interact with it to release it, and then store it for later use.

Finally, when you find yourself facing multiple enemies, you can use explosive or incendiary items like Molotov or Pipebombs. These are very effective in taking down many enemies, especially Hordes.

Basic Combat Tips

Once you find yourself engaging enemies, chances are, that you will be engaged in melee combat. While effective if you have a good melee weapon, your enemies can also dodge your attack and perform a counter themselves. This is where you should roll away from the enemies and avoid getting hit. Rolling away from them gives you a little space to escape while rolling into enemies will stun them, allowing you some time to evade.

Days Gone is also an environmentally interactive game. This means that you can also throw zombies or enemies off of cliffs to impale them when they fall on sharp rocks, or thrown from a great height distance. If you want to be cooler, you can even run down the enemies with your bike. Drive at a high speed and wound or kill the enemies without any issues.

There are also many other types of opponents in Days Gone, and most of them hate each other. This can be used to provoke them into fighting one another. Human enemies will attach Freakers, while the zombies will hunt the Humans. Meanwhile, animals will also eagerly engage with Freakers. So you can use them into fighting for you.

Keep looking for creative ways to take enemies down. You will also spot gas canisters near hordes that you can shoot. These will explode and take down a large number of enemies nearby.

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