Days Gone Hordes Guide – All Horde Locations, How to Kill Easily

Days Gone Hordes Guide

In this Days Gone Hordes Guide, we will guide you on how you find and kill all Hordes in Days Gone easily. Hordes are one of the toughest challenges that you will come across in Days Gone. Normally, you will encounter a random group of Freakers but these Hordes are mass groups of Freakers which live together and do not leave a particular area which is mostly their caves.

Each Horde possesses a cave and will live in this cave and will not venture too far from its cave, unlike regular Freakers which are found everywhere in the map. We have curated this Days Gone Hordes Guide in which we have detailed the locations of all Hordes found in Days Gone so you can find them easily and kill all of them.

Hordes Guide – Days Gone

Our Days Gone Hordes Guide details everything that you need to know about Hordes in Days Gone. This includes where to find them and kill them easily.

Horde Locations

Hordes are scattered all over the world of Days Gone. There are a total of 37 Hordes in Days Gone that you have to find and eliminate. Each region in the huge map of Days Gone has multiple hordes. Below you will find screenshots of all regions and the locations of Hordes in them so that you can find them easily. Also, note that the game will mark the locations of all Hordes at the end of the main story. Iron Butte is the only region is the game which does not have any Hordes.

Depending on the time of day, the location of the Horde will change. During the day time, you will find the Horde inside the cave where it lives. You must enter the cave and kill every last single Freaker in the Horde to completely wipe it off. Do not let even a single one escape because the game will count it as complete even if you miss a single one.

During the night time, the Horde will be outside the cave and on the move. After you arrive at the cave, move around to find the Horde. They are outside the cave but not too far from it because when the day breaks, they will return back to their cave. Check the surroundings and listen to sounds to find the Horde during night time. During the daytime, Horde will be hiding inside the cave.

Region 1: Belknap

In Belknap, you will find 7 Hordes. Their locations are marked on the map below.

Days Gone Hordes Guide

Region 2: Cascade

In Cascade, you will find 8 Hordes. Their locations are marked on the map below.

Days Gone Hordes Guide

Region 3: Crater Lake

In Crater Lake, you will find 3 Hordes. Their locations are marked on the map below.

Region 4: Highway 97

Highway 97 is the deadliest of all regions when it comes to Hordes. In this region, you will find 13 Hordes. Their locations are marked on the map.

Days Gone Hordes Guide

Region 5: Lost Lake

In Lost Lake, you will find 6 Hordes. Their locations are marked on the map.

How to Defeat Hordes Easily?

Hordes are not in any way easy to defeat. In later regions, the Hordes will surpass hundreds and will pose an extremely tough challenge. Probably the best time to take on Hordes is during day time. During the day time, Hordes will be inside their caves and they will be very easy to kill as compared to night time when they are out in the open.

The best weapon against the Hordes is explosives. Make sure that whenever you come to take down a Horde, you are well equipped on explosives. You can also craft some more throwables at your bike. Use grenades as much as possible against because a single grenade explosion will take a large number of Freakers down at the same time.

Also, purchase both ‘Up the Ante’ and ‘Carry That Weight’ skill to make sure that your inventory and ammo limit is maxed out. You can carry more items and ammo to the fight with both skills unlocked. Also, purchase the saddlebags upgrade for your bike. This will allow you to store even more ammo with you all the time. Ammo is vital when taking on hordes so make sure that you have plenty.

The most effective weapon against the Hordes is Chicago Chopper Gun. It can only be obtained when you reach the fifth camp in the game in the Crater Lake region. This is perhaps the best gun in Days Gone. Use this weapon and you can easily mow down enemies using its extremely high rate of fire and lots of ammo., It can also kill one Freaker with one hit making it extremely effective for Hordes.

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This concludes our Days Gone Hordes Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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