Days Gone: How to Get Fuel, Refuel Deacon’s Bike

Days Gone Get Fuel

In this Days Gone guide, we will guide you on how you can get more fuel for Deacon’s bike. Days Gone has a huge map and you will be exploring the map while riding Deacon’s bike. Since the world is overrun by the undead, fuel is one of the rarest resources in the game and Deacon’s bike is a thirsty monster for fuel. You will need to refuel the bike often to keep on riding the bike and without fuel in your bike, Deacon will not survive for long.

You will need your bike for a lot of purposes in the game. You will ride it to visit different places, you can ride it to run away from enemies but the most important use of Deacon’s bike comes in the face of Freakers. To run away from hordes of Freakers, you will need your bike and you must ensure that you have enough fuel to do so. Even if you decide to use fast travel, your bike fuel will still be consumed so make sure that you have plenty of fuel.

How to Get Fuel in Days Gone?

There are two basic sources to obtain fuel in Days Gone. The first is Fuel Stations while the second one is Fuel Canisters found around the world. Fuel Canisters come with limited fuel and Fuel Stations have an infinite supply of fuel. However, Fuel Stations are limited in number and Fuel Canisters are found all over the map in different locations.

Fuel Stations are also much easier to find since they are marked on the map with the fuel pump icon. Simply drive to a fuel pump, head to the fuel barrels or pumps and refill your bike. Some of them are also located you’re your camps so you can have plenty of fuel if near these stations. On the other hand, Fuel Canisters are found all over the map.

If your bike is running low on fuel, the closest fuel canisters are automatically marked on your map. This is a very handy mechanic. You will find fuel canisters on vehicles, in buildings, randomly on the road and most importantly at Nero Checkpoints. All Nero Checkpoints have 2 confirmed Fuel Canisters. Lucky for you the fuel canisters respawn at the same location after some time.

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This concludes our Days Gone guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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