The First Descendant Set for Global Launch As Developer Reveals New Character Gameplay

The First Descendant

NEXON and NEXON Games are gearing up for the worldwide launch of The First Descendant, a free-to-play third-person looter shooter, on July 2, 2024. In preparation, the latest installment of their Dev Talk video series has been released, featuring Creative Director Joo Minsok, Producer Lee Beom-jun, and the rest of the development team. This video shares never-before-seen footage, new game details, and character trailers. Additionally, players can pre-load the game on PC via Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One starting June 30 at midnight PT, allowing them to jump right into the action on launch day.

The latest Dev Talk video, available on YouTube, delves into player progression and strategies to protect the game’s world, Ingris. Another Dev Talk video, set to be released on launch day, will cover post-launch seasons, new characters, customization options, the game’s economy, and more. Previous Dev Talk videos and other updates can be found on the game’s official channels for those catching up.

The First Descendant

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, The First Descendant is a next-generation looter shooter emphasizing the joy of grinding and growth. Players will collect and enhance various characters, unique-effect firearms, external components that boost character and skill performance, and modules to fine-tune their characters and weapons, allowing for personalized builds.

At launch, the game will introduce five new fields, 16 types of new end-game content called Instance Dungeons, and 16 types of Void Intercept Battles, which are large boss raids considered the game’s highlight. Nineteen Descendants will be featured, including 14 original Descendants and 5 high-performance versions known as Ultimate Descendants.

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Among the Descendants is Bunny, a fan-favorite mascot with a helmet resembling rabbit ears. Bunny’s suit can charge and discharge electrical energy, enhancing her agility and allowing her to release stored energy or concentrate it into a powerful beam, making her a formidable battlefield presence.

Another character, Valby, has the ability to transform into water and create puddles, providing efficient skill use and strategic movement advantages.

Ajax, a tank dealer, can distort physical space to summon protective shields for allies, blocking enemy attacks while allowing allied attacks to pass through, offering a unique tactical element.

For PS5 users, the game has been optimized with enhanced graphical features. A Balanced Mode has been added to the graphics settings, alongside Fidelity and Performance modes, providing a range of visual quality options. The team has also implemented Virtual Shadow Map (VSM) for high-resolution shadow mapping, options for Ray Tracing, and AMD Frame Generation for those seeking higher visual quality or improved performance.

The First Descendant’s development team is actively seeking player feedback and invites gamers to explore the continent of Ingris and share their insights. The First Descendant launches on July 2, 2024, on PC via Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S promising an exciting journey into a meticulously crafted looter shooter experience. Make sure to check out the previously released release date trailer, full reveal trailer, and the first teaser trailer.

What are your thoughts on the new gameplay reveal for The First Descendant and will you be interested in playing the game when it launches next week? Let us know in the comments section below.

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