Upcoming Looter-Shooter The First Descendant Gets New Teaser Trailer

The First Descendant Teaser

Developer NEXON has released a brand-new teaser trailer for its upcoming looter-shooter The First Descendant. The latest teaser trailer for The First Descendant comes before the game’s Autumn 2022 beta and its Gamescom 2022 showcase. The trailer showcases fresh gameplay and outstanding Unreal Engine 5 visuals of the title which is currently under development at NEXON Games.

Check out the new teaser trailer for The First Descendant below:

Nexon Games has already announced that it will be showcasing a much bigger trailer at the upcoming Gamescom 2022 however, for the time being, the teaser is enough to show the action that we can expect from the full game. The Steam beta of the game is planned for October and will take place between October 20 and October 26, 2022. Sign-ups are now open on the official website and there are no requirements as of now for signing up for the Steam beta. The First Descendant was originally revealed under the codename ‘Project Magnum’.

The first trailer of the game has over 2.1M views so far and the new teaser is already above 31K views in under 24 hours. The First Descendant is a free-to-play co-op looter shooter developed with the power of Unreal Engine 5. You play as a Descendant with mysteriously inherited powers who fight to protect humanity against alien invaders. The gameplay combines both shooting and mobility to deliver an action-packed experience.  You will come face-to-face with strategic bosses and use 4-player tactics to defeat them.

The First Descendant Teaser

Other in-game mechanics include gripping gunplay and tons of looting since this is primarily a looter-shooter. After clearing missions and defeating big bosses, you will get access to powerful new characters, equipment, and upgrades. For additional details about the game, you will have to wait until Gamescom 2022 when the developer will reveal more information about the title. If you want to sign up for the game’s beta or just want to add it to your wishlist, you can head over to the title’s Steam page. The First Descendant will release on Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and  Xbox Series X|S.


What are your thoughts on the new teaser trailer released for The First Descendant? Is it something that you would be interested in playing with? Let us know in the comments section below.

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