Join the Fight in NEXON’s Highly Anticipated Looter Shooter The First Descendant, Available Worldwide Today

The First Descendant

NEXON and NEXON Games have officially launched their eagerly awaited free-to-play looter shooter, The First Descendant. The First Descendant is now available globally on PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and NVIDIA GeForce NOW. Players around the world can step into the roles of Descendants to battle alien invaders and protect the land of Ingris, with both single-player and multiplayer online co-op modes available.

To commemorate the launch, the development team has released a new trailer showcasing content from the game’s pre-season battle pass which is linked below:

Descendants, from everyone on our development team, we thank you sincerely for choosing to join us in the fight against The Vulgus,” said Minseok Joo, Game Creative Director at NEXON Games. “Back when we first developed this concept in 2019, we set out to create a world inspired by some of our personal favorite looter shooters. The genre holds a special place in our hearts, and our development team has worked hard to create a game that we believe stands proudly among those prominent titles.”

The pre-season launch of The First Descendant introduces new and previous playtesters to a Battle Pass, offering rewards and access to never-before-played Descendants – Esiemo, Enzo, and Yujin. You will also encounter new weapons, Void Intercept Battles, Instance Dungeons, and more. NEXON Games has planned a first update for the fifth week post-launch, with the first season update, Episode: Invasion, slated for late August. This update will introduce a new Descendant, expand on a fan-favorite Descendant’s story, and add a new Colossus, dungeon, weapon, and more. Subsequent seasons will follow approximately every three months.

With The First Descendant being our first global multi-platform launch, we wanted to develop something that allowed the voices of our players to be heard. Our goal is not only to create a game that we are proud of, but also to create something our players will love and enjoy for a long time,” added Beomjun Lee, Game Producer at NEXON Games. “We implemented many changes for launch based on the community’s requests and we hope it makes the experience even more enjoyable.”

The First Descendant transports you to the continent of Ingris, where you will face giant Colossi and Vulgus alien invaders in a battle for humanity’s survival. Players will uncover the Descendants’ hidden secrets through various missions and grow stronger as they progress. The game boasts a high-quality, visually stunning atmosphere developed within Unreal Engine 5, offering a unique blend of reality and fantasy.

Key features of The First Descendant include:

  • Charming & Unique Characters: Play as various Descendants, each with distinctive concepts, battle styles, and stories, complete with customization options. Encounter NPC Descendants for an immersive experience and play through exclusive story quests with immersive cinematics.
  • Exciting Battles and Dynamic Action: Enjoy thrilling combat with unique skill sets, free movements, and chain actions using Grappling Hooks and firearms with unique effects.
  • Void Intercept Battles (Giant Boss Raids): Team up in a 4-player cooperative mode or go solo to defeat massive Colossi with unique attack patterns, targeting weak points with strategic gameplay.
  • Infiltration Operations (Instance Dungeons): Tackle dungeons in both normal and hard difficulties to earn rewards, with additional challenge options called modifiers for harder missions, offering more points and rewards.
  • Motivating Play and Growth: Continuously grow your Descendants with a wide array of equipment by completing scenarios and World missions, and gathering loot through challenging tasks.

The First Descendant is now available for free download via Steam for PC, the PlayStation Store for PS5 and PS4, the Xbox Game Store for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and via NVIDIA GeForce NOW.


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