Octopath Traveler 2 Latent Powers Guide – How to Use Latent Power Abilities, All Latent Powers Detailed

Octopath Traveler 2 Latent Powers Guide

One of the new mechanics in the game are the Latent Power abilities that are exclusive to each character in the Octopath Traveler 2. Latent Powers come special to each character and offer very powerful abilities that can be used in combat when you have a character in the party. This Octopath Traveler 2 Latent Powers Guide will show you how to use Latent Powers for each character and what each ability does.

Octopath Traveler 2 Latent Powers Guide

Players will now notice a new gauge meter that will fill up every time they either deal damage, break enemies, or even take damage from enemies. This gauge fills up and lets you use a character’s Latent Power ability. The Latent Power meter is located on the top right of the screen, which will fill up during combat when you are hit by an enemy or when you deal damage to them.

Latent Power are special abilities that can significantly change the outcome of the battle if things are getting out of hand, or if you want to switch the advantage in your favor. When the gauge is full, you can press the Triangle button on the PlayStation controller to engage a character’s Latent Power.

The gauge meter for a Latent Power is not tied to one type of damage, but its speed can be increased when you exploit an opponent’s weakness by using certain weapon or elements. The more unique your attacks are with weapons and elements, the more damage you are going to deal, and subsequently fill up the Latent Power gauge faster.

On the other hand, the more damage you take during combat, the faster the gauge fills up as well. Taking at least 184 damage fills up the gauge by half, while taking 216 damage fills it up by around 80%. However, if you pair this with breaking an enemy, the gauge fills up in the fastest amount of time, letting you use a Latent Power very quickly.

All Latent Powers and Effects

As mentioned before, each character comes with their own exclusive Latent Power, offering different abilities in combat. Let’s take a look at all the Latent Power for each of the eight characters in the game and what the abilities do.

Hikari’s Latent Power – Shadow Hold

Shadow Hold is Hikari’s Latent Power that is exclusive to this character alone. It lets the character use three different types of attacks which are:

  • Tenbretsuzan – Unleash a highly powerful sword attack on a single foe.
  • Hienka – Unleash a sword attack on a single foe 2 times, then act again at the end of the turn. Only one additional action can be taken per turn.
  • Sougetsusen – Unleash a polearm and sword attack on all foes 1 time each.

Agnea’s Latent Power – All Together Now

Agnea’s All Together Now is a latent power that makes a single skill extend to all other party members. For example, the Lion Dance buff skill will be available to all characters in the party.

Partitio’s Latent Power – Hoot and Holler

The Hoot and Holler latent power ability allows Partitio’s BP gauge to completely refill. In addition, you can use the Donate BP skill which will also restore the BP of all party members.

Osvald’s Latent Power – Concentrate Spells

The Concentrate Spells Latent Power lets Osvald focus all spells on a single target, allowing you to drain an enemy’s HP very fast.

Temenos Latent Power – Judgement

The Judgement Latent Power ability reduces an opponent’s Shield Points when you perform any attack. The ability is best paired with attacks that attack multiple times, making the shield points deplete even faster.

Throne’s Latent Power – Leave No Trace

The Leave No Trace Latent Power ability lets Throne act twice in a single turn. This means that you can choose two different actions in a single turn as the moves will follow one after the other.

Ochette’s Latent Power – Animal Instincts

The Animal Instincts brings three different Beastly attacks for Ochette to use:

  • Beastly Claws: Unleash a powerful physical attack on all foes.
  • Beastly Howl: Reduce the physical defense and elemental defense of all foes for 3 turns, and reduce their Shield Points regardless of their weak points.
  • Beastly Fangs: Unleash a highly powerful physical attack on a single foe.

Castti’s Latent Power – Every Drop Counts

Every Drop Counts is an ability special to Castti that lets you concoct without using any materials. Concoctions require materials that when used will be removed from inventory. With this ability special to Castti, your materials remain unused, allowing you to concoct other items.

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That’s all the Latent Powers in the game as detailed in this Octopath Traveler 2 Latent Powers Guide. Post your comments below.

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