Octopath Traveler 2 Divine Weapons Guide – How to Get All Divine Weapons

Octopath Traveler 2 Divine Weapons Guide

If you have played the first Octopath Traveler game, you will be familiar with the Armsmaster job which is also available in the sequel as a secret job. The job requires you to get all of the six Divine Weapons in the game and this Octopath Traveler 2 Divine Weapons Guide will show you how to get them all.

Octopath Traveler 2 Divine Weapons Guide

To get the job, you have to go to the town of Gravel in the blacksmith Porta where you can find out if the weapons you have found are Divine Weapons. Doing so will reveal the secret job for you, indicating that you have to find 6 Divine Weapons to complete the job.

Finding and restoring each of the Divine Weapons from its rusty state to its original will unlock a new skill for you to have. However, the Armsmaster character will need to have the divine weapon equipped to access the skills.

Divine Weapon #1 – Conquerer’s Sword

The first weapon you can find is the Conquerer’s Sword, which is a reward item given to you after you have completed ‘The Sword in the Stone’ mission. This quest is given by a Troubled Woman in Winterbloom, who requires you to get a miner’s axe to break the stone that has the weapon itself stuck inside.

You can get an axe by going to the armorer of Oresrush, where a Retired Miner will give you the axe. Take the axe to the Troubled Woman and she will give you the rusty Divine Weapon that you can now restore and use, and also unlock the Cosmic Roar skill

Divine Weapon #2 – Warlord’s Spear

The Warlord’s Spear is located in the Town Square area of the Timberain Castle, guarded by a Level 8 Elderly Soldier. From the Town Square area, you need to go left, taking the stairs that take you to the forest floor. Here you will reach the tower with the weapon and the soldier guarding the room behind him.

After you have beaten the soldier, enter the room and continue down the tunnel where you will find a chest with the divine weapon inside. After obtaining the weapon in its rusty condition, take it to Porta who will restore it for you.

Divine Weapon #3 – Dancer’s Blade

This weapon can be found inside a chest that is located in the Shipwreck of the Empress. This shipwreck is a level 48 dungeon located in the center of Sundering Sea. However, you will not be facing a boss inside the dungeon and you can find the chest at the end of the shipwreck even if you are at low level.

Divine Weapon #4 – Lionheart’s Axe

Northwest in the Western Sai Sands is the Quicksand Gaol dungeon where you can get the rusty axe from. The axe will be right in the middle of the quicksand sinkhole and is guarded by the Lord of the Sands boss.

Fight the boss and you can obtain the Lionheart’s Axe after restoring it. Restoring the weapon will also give you the On the Hunt skill.

Divine Weapon #5 – Hunter’s Bow

This weapon can be found in the Sinking Ruins in the Sothern Nameless Village Traverse. Inside this area, you will find the Behemoth boss that you have to beat. Before taking on the boss, make sure you have the Herb of Grace Buds, as this boss can petrify your party.

After the fight, you will get the rusty bow that you can take to Porta to restore. Doing so will give you the Flurry of Arrows Armsmaster skill.

Divine Weapon #6 – Spiritlord’s Staff

The Spiritlord’s Staff is the last weapon that is located in the dungeon that is hidden behind the waterfall after you head down Borderfall. The area has no boss that is waiting for you and will have the weapon inside a chest.

After getting the rusty Spiritlord’s Staff, take it to Porta to restore it and you will get the Deliverance Armsmaster skill.

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That’s how you can get the Divine Weapons in the game as shown in this Octopath Traveler 2 Divine Weapons Guide. Post your comments below.

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