How to Beat Vide The Wicked Boss in Octopath Traveler 2

How to Beat Vide The Wicked Boss in Octopath Traveler 2

Vide is the final boss in the last chapter of Octopath Traveler 2 and is naturally the toughest boss to beat in the game. The boss fight will require all 8 party members to play their role in defeating the boss, especially considering that the boss fight continues in two phases. This guide will show you how to beat Vide the Wicked boss in Octopath Traveler 2, what attacks it hits you with, and how you can counterattack to deal damage.

How to Beat Vide The Wicked Boss in Octopath Traveler 2

In the first stage of the fight, Vide will come with 200,000 hit points and 10 shields. The boss’ weaknesses in this phase are:

  • Light
  • Staves
  • Axes
  • Lightning
  • Swords

This first phase of the battle is pretty manageable in the early stages as the boss will only bring out one tentacle for your party to focus on. However, as the battle progresses and the more you break the boss’ shields, the boss will bring out more and more tentacles until they reach a total of 4 tentacles.

The final two tentacles that show up are only weak to elemental damage type or a weapon damage type. One of the tentacles is the Thwarting Tentacle which also puts on a status effect that reflects back all the elemental damage that your party deals to it, so it is important that you remove this tentacle as quickly as you can in this first phase.

When you have depleted half of the boss’ health in the first phase, the boss will take all the party members while the boss’s weakness will change to Darkness, Fires, Daggers, and Bows.

After you have completely depleted the boss’ health in the first phase, the second phase will begin which is going to be tougher than the first. The second and final phase gives the boss 10 Shields and 250,000 hit points. The weaknesses in this stage are

  • Daggers
  • Wind
  • Bows
  • Light
  • Swords

The second phase of the battle completely protects the boss from all attacks, thanks to his two Wicker Arms. Both the arms tank a lot of damage, and require you to take them out first, before you can land any hit on the main body of Vide. The right Wicker Arm takes elemental damage, while the left Wicked Arm takes weapon damage.

The worst part about destroying each arm is that it will cause a negative effect to the party. If you destroy the left arm, you will negate your damage and healing skills, while also locking items. The right arm will hit you with a defense and attack debuff for both your elemental and physical damage.

After you have removed the arms, the boss will now put a new effect on you that will stop all abilities to revive an ally. In addition, the boss will also bring back its arms, but this will not stop you from attacking the boss anywhere you want. Moreover, if you destroy the left arm, it will have no effect, but the right arm will put an effect.

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That’s how you can beat the final boss Vide in Octopath Traveler 2. Post your comments below.

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