How to Level Up Fast in Octopath Traveler 2

How to Level Up Fast in Octopath Traveler 2

If you are looking to level up your characters and to raise their skill level, you will need a lot of EXP or experience points. There are various activities that give you EXP, like beating enemies and completing the game’s storyline, but some methods give out the most EXP and this guide will show you how to level up fast in Octopath Traveler 2 by engaging in certain game related activities.

How to Level Up Fast in Octopath Traveler 2

There are various activities, side quests, and skills that give you the most EXP. You can follow in the steps mentioned in this guide, whether you want to complete the side missions, or you prefer unlocking skills that will save you time and give you the most EXP.

Skill for EXP

There are three skills in the game that give you the most EXP. Player looking to get the most out of every encounter and quest they complete should look to unlock and use the following skills:

  • More Rare Monsters: This is a Hunter Job skill, which raises the chances of you finding rare monsters, thus resulting in more EXP gained after dealing with these monsters.
  • Extra Experience: This skill is purely made to give you more EXP after each battle that you engage in.
  • Life in the Shadows: This is another skill that rewards after battles but it can only reward if you fight out at night. In addition to more EXP, it also gives you JP.

Recruit Alrond in Party

The most amount of EXP is obtained when you recruit Alrond in your party, who brings a lot of EXP when you play with him in your party. To recruit Alrond, you need to complete two main missions.

The first is to complete the Partitio story, which will then unlock the Next Chapter side story of Misha. It is only when you have completed both these requirements that you can be able to have Alrond join your party. Alrond can join your party by hiring for his service using Leaves in the Partitio path action, or you can use Ochette to befriend him.

More Items for EXP

Other than Skills and by recruiting Alrond in your party, you can also have two more accessories that you can use that are purely designed to give you more EXP:

  • Alluring Ribbon: This is a reward item that is obtained after you completed the Lingering Love side quest in Stormhail
  • EXP Augmentor: This item can be found inside a chest, on the east side of Frigit Isle in The Sundering Sea.

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That’s how you can level up fast using the items and by recruiting Alrond in Octopath Traveler 2. Post your comments below.

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