Third I.G.I. Game is in Development, Will be Released in 2021


Toadman Interactive has announced that the third title in the early 2000s shooting franchise I.G.I is in development and it will be released in 2021. If you have played the original I.G.I. games when you were little back in 2000s and you were a fan of the franchise, this announcement will indeed come as a big surprise for you.

The title will follow the same formula of the first two titles in the franchise and it will be a tactical stealth first-person shooter. It will be a prequel to the original two titles and it will tell us the origin story of I.G.I. organization.

At this moment, the development is still in very early stages however Toadman announced that one of the original creators of the franchise is also working on the new title. The developer also released a short 1-minute teaser trailer of the game. Since the game is still in early prototype stages, we do not have detailed actual gameplay at this point.

Check out the teaser trailer below.

Robin Flodin who is the CEO at Toadman Interactive stated in the official press release:

I’m so psyched to announce that the prototyping is going well and we already have a fun base game to play in the studio. Today, we are releasing a teaser showing a glimpse of our prototyping and many things will improve as we continue the development. The reason we are sending out this update is so that we can allow enthusiasts to provide ideas and feedback when we are in the early stages of development. We want to hear from you fans to make sure you get to see the most out of this game.

Further details are still scarce however we will share more details in the coming days as the developer releases more information about the title. You can visit the official website and give the developers your suggestions and feedback about different things that you would like to see in the new title in the franchise.

The game is slated for release in 2021.

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