Super Rare Games Announces 5 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Physical Games

Super Rare Mystery Box

Super Rare Games is known for their super cool limited-edition physical releases for Nintendo Switch and normally, they reveal their upcoming titles quite close to their launch., However, this time around, Super Rare Games has revealed not one, not two but five of their upcoming limited-edition physical releases for Nintendo Switch which will be released in the upcoming weeks. Additional details about each of the limited physical releases will be released closer to their launches as well.

For their major announcement, Super Rare Games teamed up with the YouTuber Nintendrew who announced the five upcoming releases by the indie publisher. All of these five titles are spread over 2021 and it could be in a different order as well. Super Rare might push some more titles in between these releases as well so for additional details, we will have to wait until their release gets closer.

The five upcoming titles by Super Rare Games include:

  • ABZU
  • Deponia Collection
  • Super Crush KO
  • Vigil: The Longest Night

ABZU is coming to life thanks to another partnership between 505 Games and Super Rare Games. They recently released Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons as well and now the next title to get a physical release by 505 is the unique underwater adventure ABZU. It is a game from the same studio that made Journey and Flower and is an underwater adventure filled with mystery and a vibrant world.

Deponia Collection is a collection of four titles that are coming to life with a partnership with Daedalic Entertainment and Super Rare Games. The physical release includes all Deponia graphic adventures Deponia, Chaos on Deponia, Goodbye Deponia, and Deponia Doomsday. All four titles will be part of the physical release. The game follows the adventures of Rufus who is living on a planet-sized junkyard called Deponia.

The next title INMOST is a result of a collab between Chucklefish and Super Rare Games. INMOST is an emotional and deeply atmospheric narrative-driven puzzle platformer. You will uncover the story of an adventurous young girl, a stoic knight, and a man in search of answers. The has a 3 – 5 hour long story that is intended to be completed in a single playthrough as you explore a crumbling, nightmarish landscape while slicing through enemies and triggering deadly traps.

Super Crush KO is a game by Vertex Pop and Super Rare Games have already worked with them earlier for the release of Graceful Explosion Machine physically. The new title Super Crush KO is a fast-paced brawler that is set in a vibrant, near-future city. You will have to combo your way through swarms of deadly robots and save your kidnapped kitten while also trying to save humanity from an AI apocalypse. The game combines run-n’ gun action with intense beat-em-up to deliver an experience like no other.

The final title revealed by Super Rare Games is Vigil: The Longest Night which is an action RPG by Neon Doctrine and is getting a physical release for Nintendo Switch. Vigil: The Longest Night is a 2D action RPG with precision-focused and technical combat and a strong narrative. The game takes its inspiration from titles like Salt and Sanctuary and Castlevania. You follow the story of Leila on her quest to save her town from a creeping evil infesting the surrounding countryside.

Super Rare Games will announce additional details on each of these releases closer to their planned launches. At this point, none of these five titles have a release date however we would love to see them released soon. The publisher however did mention in the official press release that the next physical release is sooner than we think which is a good sign that we will be getting an announcement soon.

Other releases by Super Rare Games include Wargroove 1 + 2, Orbital Bullet, Wavetale, Hell is Other Demons, Source of Madness, Super Rare Mixtape Vol 4, Super Rare Mixtape Vol 3, Archvale, Super Rare Mixtape Vol 2, Post Void, Book of Demons, Grapple Dog, Caveblazers, 2021 Mystery Box, Super Rare Mixtape Vol 1, Super Crush KO, Super Rare Shorts, The Lion’s Song, The Flowers Collector’s Physical Edition, INMOST, ABZUUnrailed!, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Lonely Mountain, Project Warlock, ITTA, Mystery Box, Direct Shipping to Pakistan Announcement, Monster Prom, Darkwood, Freedom Finger, Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition, Chroma Squad, Tricky Towers, Ryan Brown Joining Super Rare Games, and Superliminal.

Which of these five games are you looking forward to adding to your physical Nintendo Switch collection? Let us know in the comments section below.

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