Monster Prom is Getting a Limited-Edition Physical Release by Super Rare Games

Monster Prom Physical

Super Rare Games has announced that Monster Prom is getting a limited-edition physical release as their latest project. The new release comes as a result of the studio’s partnership with Beautiful Glitch and Those Awesome Guys and it will be exclusive for Nintendo Switch. The game will release three unique editions this time around.

Super Rare Games has also announced that Monster Prom is getting the biggest and the best ever Collector’s Edition full of goodies perfect for Monster Prom fans and rare print physical collectors alike. The Collector’s Edition of the game includes a SteelBook case, a 68-page full-color hardback yearbook with tons of artwork and stickers.

Monster Prom Physical

It also includes a temporary tattoo, a collector’s pin badge, 10 physical instant camera photos, a collectible driving license, a high school diploma, and two packs of trading cards. Just like always, this release is also extremely limited. The three versions include:

  • Monster Prom: Collector’s Edition: Limited to 1,500 copies
  • Monster Prom (Standard Edition): Limited to 5,000 copies
  • Monster Prom (Standard Edition + SteelBook): Limited to 500 copies, includes an exclusive postcard

The physical release will include all of the content on the cartridge up to the latest version, including the XXL seasonal content and DLC. All three versions of the game will go live for sale on Thursday, October 29, 2020, at 6 PM GMT. The standard edition will retail for £27 while the Collector’s Edition will retail for £75. The orders will go live exclusively at

Monster Prom puts you inside a monster high school where you have three weeks to find a date for the Monster Prom. You will go through various funny situations, raise your stats, and seduce one of your classmates before anyone else does. The game features beautiful art, bold, unapologetic dialogue, and hard choices along with multiplayer for 1-4 players. Key features of Monster Prom include:

  • Competitive dating sim – Nothing makes the heart grow fonder than a little competition. Set your gaze on one of the sweethearts, but if you share your romantic tastes with your friends, be ready for some stiff competition.
  • Fantastically funny writing – All’s fair in love and war, except maybe taking yourself too seriously. Through whimsical, postmodern humor, written by Cory O’Brien, Maggie Herskowitz, and Julián Quijano, there is no topic Monster Prom won’t make fun of, including itself.
  • Gorgeous art – There’s never a dull moment while exploring the beautifully crafted world and characters drawn by Arthur Tien.
  • 1000s of absurd and funny situations – Get into the groove of the local monster high-school through hundreds of events that will branch into 1000+ possible situations, all with multiple outcomes.
  • Couch multiplayer – Play by yourself, with a significant other, or with your favorite group of friends.
  • Characters easy to fall in love with – With 6 fully-fledged lovable classmates at your fingertips, go ahead and meet, pick and find out just what makes them tick.
  • Monstrously post-modern slice of life – A beautifully developed universe with a diverse cast of characters, all with their own personal fashion, outfits, style, and quirks, set in the modern world of love with all the trimmings: selfies, dating apps, d**kpics, raves, emojis and more.
  • Freedom of choice – Monsters don’t like boys or girls, they like monsters. In Monster Prom the game experience is unaffected by gender or sexual orientation, since finding love is already hard enough.

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Are you looking forward to getting your hands on the physical release of Monster Prom by Super Rare Games? Let us know in the comments section below.

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