Drill Core Unveils Impressive Pre-Release Stats Ahead of Steam Next Fest

Drill Core Next Fest

Excitement is brewing as indie studio Hungry Couch and publisher tinyBuild gear up for the upcoming Steam Next Fest with their highly anticipated game, Drill Core. Since its announcement on the tinyBuild Connect showcase on May 21, Drill Core has garnered significant attention, with over 40,000 eager miners already joining the dig.

The enthusiasm surrounding Drill Core was further fueled by the impressive engagement of playtesters, who spent an average of 4 hours delving into the game. Hungry Couch Games’ head, Konstantin Burov, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming response, stating, “We are very pleased that people enjoyed the playtest of Drill Core. Playtesters helped identify various issues, shared many great ideas, and energized us to work on the game with even more dedication. We want to thank everyone who played the game!”

Check out the Announcement Trailer below:

In Drill Core, players take on the role of Drill Platform Managers, tasked with managing their mining crew as they descend deeper into the planet’s core. The game offers players the choice between prioritizing safety by fortifying their drilling platform’s defenses against menacing creatures or chasing after glory and greater rewards by focusing solely on the dig.

With the demo already available on Steam and set to be showcased at the upcoming Steam Next Fest in June, players are invited to dive deeper into the world of Drill Core and experience the thrill of planet-mining strategy firsthand. The full game is scheduled to launch in Early Access on Steam later this year, promising even more excitement and challenges for players to uncover as they embark on their mining venture. Additional details about the full launch and the game will be announced at a later date.

Drill Core Next Fest

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