XDefiant M4A1 Guide – Best Attachments, Best Loadout

XDefiant M4A1 Guide

When you start playing XDefiant, your initial weapon will be the M4A1. Some players might think this gun isn’t as good as others and stop using it after a few matches. However, the M4A1 is actually one of the top Assault Rifles in the game, and it can be very powerful with the right attachments. Check out our XDefiant M4A1 Guide on how to set it up, all the available camos, and how to unlock them in the game.

Best M4A1 loadout in XDefiant

The M4A1 is a top weapon in the game because it’s very versatile and can be easily customized due to its well-balanced stats. It’s available right from the start in XDefiant, so you can immediately begin upgrading it and unlocking the best attachments to make it even more powerful.

Attachment Type Attachment Stats Unlock Level
Muzzle Break +7.0% Horizontal Recoil Control
-5.0% Short Range
-5.0% Medium Range
Level 23
Barrel Recon 24m Minimap Visibility Range
0.5s Minimap Visibility Duration
+5.0% ADS Speed
-2.5% Movement Speed
Level 3
Front Rail Superlight +10.0% ADS Speed
+2.5% Movement Speed
-10.0% Recoil Recovery
Level 4
Optics Reflex +1 Sight Picture Level 2
Magazine Quick Mag +5 Magazine Size
+15.0% Reload Speed
Level 11
Rear Grip Quick Draw +10.0% Sprint-Shoot Time
+10.0% ADS Speed
-15.0% ADS Stability
Level 35
Stock Padded +15.0% Recoil Recovery
+10.0 ADS Stability
+5.0% ADS Flinch Control
Level 7

The Muzzle Brake makes your shots more accurate by reducing sideways kick, while the Recon Barrel lets you aim down sights faster, which is crucial for the fast-paced action in XDefiant. The Superlight Grip and Quick Draw Grip enhance this effect. The Padded Stock balances out the stability and recoil issues, and the Quick Mag speeds up reloading.

Unlock All Skins M4A1 in XDefiant

Skin How to Unlock
Eruption Complete Battle Pass level 1.
Morganite Watch any XDefiant stream for 1 hour.
Violet Watch any XDefiant stream for 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Bronze (Mastery) Reach weapon level 50.
Silver (Mastery) Reach weapon level 75.
Gold (Mastery) Reach weapon level 100.

You can unlock base skins for the M4A1 by earning Twitch Drop rewards. To do this, watch any XDefiant stream and connect your Ubisoft and Twitch accounts. Reaching weapon level 100 will take some time, so consider using Weapon XP Boosters to maximize your kills and progress faster. This way, you’ll get the skins and attachments needed to make the M4A1 powerful and visually appealing.

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This concludes our XDefiant M4A1 Guide. If you have anything to add to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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