XDefiant: Best Factions for Each Mode

In XDefiant, you can choose from a variety of game modes such as Escort, Zone Control, and Domination. Different factions perform better in certain modes, making the game more dynamic and strategic. In this XDEFIANT guide, we will tell you which factions stand above others in each mode.

Best Factions for Each Mode in XDefiant

Read further on to find out the different modes that you can play in XDefiant, and which factions are the best in each mode.

Modes In XDefiant

In XDefiant, every game mode has a unique goal for players to achieve. For example, in the Escort mode, players need to help a robot reach a specific destination. In Zone Control, players must either attack or defend certain areas known as Capture Zones. There are five different game modes to play. Because each mode has its own objective, certain Factions perform better in specific modes than others.

These are the available modes in XDefiant:

  • Escort
  • Zone Control
  • Domination
  • Occupy
  • Hot Shot

Best Factions For Each Mode In XDefiant

Escort Phantoms
Zone Control Libertad
Domination Cleaners
Occupy Dedsec
Hot Shot Echelon


  • Best Faction: Phantoms
  • Best ability: Mag Barrier

In XDefiant, the Escort mode focuses on either moving a payload forward or stopping it, depending on your team’s objective. From my experience, it’s better to use a defensive Faction for this mode. That’s why Phantoms are the top choice for Escort.

Phantoms have the highest health in the game, at 120 points, which makes them very resilient. When you combine this with their Mag Barrier ability, you end up becoming a strong opponent while defending or advancing the payload.

Additionally, the Aegis Ultra ability is ideal for staying near the payload, either to help push it forward or to clear away enemies trying to stop you.

Zone Control

  • Best Faction: Libertad
  • Best ability: El Remedio

To accumulate points in this game, you need to capture and hold specific zones. The key is to keep control of these areas, as the points are stationary. To succeed, you’ll want to choose factions that are good at denying opponents access and defending areas, In the Zone Control mode of XDefiant, Libertad has proven to be a very powerful faction. This mode focuses on capturing and defending specific areas on the map. Libertad’s abilities are particularly helpful in this context. The Espiritu de Libertad Passive Ability, El Remedio Activated Ability, and Medico Supremo Ultra all help to keep your team healthy.

These abilities allow you and your teammates to receive health boosts whenever needed. This can be crucial when you’re trying to capture or hold onto a zone, giving your team a significant advantage in the game.


  • Best Faction: Cleaners
  • Best ability: Firebomb

In XDefiant, the Cleaners are a great choice for aggressive tactics in the Domination mode. Their Incendiary Rounds Passive ability allows them to burn enemies, making it easier to take down opponents. Additionally, their Firebomb skill deals area-of-effect damage, which is especially useful for attacking enemies who are defending flags.

Moreover, the Cleaners’ Purifier flamethrower Ultra is extremely effective for clearing out enemies from flags. This makes capturing and holding flags much simpler, turning the Domination mode into a straightforward clean-up mission.


  • Best Faction: DedSec
  • Best ability: Hijack

In the game XDefiant, DedSec is a group known for their cyber-attacking skills. They have a special ability called Hijack, which allows them to take control of enemy equipment. This makes it a lot easier to take over and hold areas in the game mode called Occupy.

When your opponents are holding a zone using strong abilities, you can use the Hijack ability to take over their equipment. Alternatively, you can use the Lockout Ultra ability. This ability stops enemies within its area of effect from using their abilities or Ultra moves, giving you an advantage in capturing the zone.

Hot Shot

  • Best Faction: Echelon
  • Best ability: Intel Suit

If you prefer playing in Hot Shot, Echelon is the top Faction to choose. This is largely because their special ability, the Intel Suit, lets you see through walls and locate enemies. This advantage helps you secure more kills and aim to become the top player, which is the main goal of the mode.

Additionally, the Sonar Goggles Ultra provides you with the ability to see through walls for free and comes with a powerful pistol that can eliminate enemies in one shot. This makes achieving kills much easier. The Echelon Faction also features the Low Profile Passive, which keeps you hidden on the minimap, preventing enemies from tracking your position and making it simpler to get easy kills.

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That is all for our XDefiant guide on the Best Factions for Each Mode. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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