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XDefiant Factions

Understanding which faction is the strongest in XDefiant will give you an advantage in its fast-paced battles. In this guide, we’ll rank the top XDefiant factions based on their effectiveness, rather than just their battle pass skins, helping you choose the best one for your gameplay. Now before we begin with our ranking, you should note that we have ranked the factions based on our own playthrough experience. If you think differently, you can share your rankings with us in the comments section below.

All XDefiant Factions, Ranked From Worst to Best

  1. DedSec

Unfortunately, the hardest Faction to unlock in XDefiant also proves to be the most challenging to succeed with. This group, known for their hacking expertise, focuses on support abilities centered around technology. Despite their technical prowess, they are less effective compared to other Factions.

The Lockout Ultra, while part of their arsenal, falls short in utility as it only provides limited defense against Abilities and Ultras within a small area.

On a brighter note, the Hijack ability stands out for its ability to commandeer enemy gadgets. In objective-based modes, strategically swapping control of shields and heals can decisively shift the advantage. The fabricator passive trait adds value by enabling players to regenerate grenades over time.

However, the Spiderbot, though disruptive to opponents, lacks the punch needed to secure decisive victories. As a result, DedSec emerges as an underwhelming faction and appears to be the least favored among players in XDefiant.

  1. Cleaners

The Cleaners are a great choice for XDefiant players who enjoy taking on aggressive roles. They excel in dealing high damage but are less effective when it comes to completing objectives. One of their standout features is their passive trait, which adds Incendiary ammo to all their weapons. This allows them to inflict additional burn damage on enemies after landing hits, making them valuable for securing assists even if you get eliminated. This can also accelerate your weapon upgrades as you progress.

Their Ultra ability, The Purifier, grants players a temporary flamethrower that packs a serious punch. However, it’s most effective in close-quarters combat. On the downside, their Incinerator Drone and Firebomb abilities aren’t particularly strong. While they can be situationally useful, I’ve found it challenging to effectively integrate them into gameplay naturally. Therefore, unless you’re focusing on modes that prioritize combat over objectives, I wouldn’t recommend choosing the Cleaners Faction.

  1. Echelon

The Echelon Faction equips players with gear inspired by Splinter Cell’s Super Spies. One standout feature is its passive trait, ensuring players remain undetected on enemy minimaps. This unique advantage eliminates the need for Recon Barrels or Suppressors to stay hidden, freeing up attachment slots for other gear.

The Ultra ability, Sonar Goggles, operates like a “golden gun” in Hero Shooter games. It includes a potent 5.7 Pistol capable of swiftly eliminating enemies with one or two shots. Additionally, the goggles highlight enemies in bright red, making them easy targets for players.

Both activated abilities of the Echelon Faction offer strategic advantages. The Digital Ghillie Suit briefly renders players invisible, facilitating escapes from firefights, strategic positioning for crucial kills, or effective objective play. The Intel Suit functions similarly to the Sonar Goggles but with intermittent pulses, revealing enemies momentarily with a red glow. Considering these capabilities, the Echelon Faction proves highly effective and essential for players who prefer stealthy, flank-oriented gameplay strategies.

  1. Libertads

Libertad excels in support roles within the game. While they may not excel in aggressive combat, their healer class is crucial for team dynamics. Their passive ability continuously heals you and nearby allies, ensuring sustained team survival.

The faction’s Ultra ability is particularly noteworthy. It deploys a medical backpack that boosts healing and doubles health within its area of effect for a limited duration. This makes it one of the most powerful Ultras available, perfect for crucial moments like capturing objectives or defending them under pressure. When used strategically, it grants players a significant advantage with doubled health, making them formidable opponents.

Libertad’s other abilities also prioritize healing, such as El Remedio, which deploys a healing gas canister. Placing this canister strategically on objectives provides a crucial advantage in controlling areas, lasting approximately 30 seconds with a manageable cooldown if destroyed or expired.

  1. Phantoms

In XDefiant, the Phantoms stand out as the flagship Faction, drawing on the futuristic soldiers known from Ghost Recon. They serve as the heavy-duty tanks within XDefiant’s lineup. Their standout feature, the Hardened passive trait, significantly boosts their health from 100 to 120, giving them remarkable resilience on the battlefield.

Moreover, their Ultra and Abilities are designed to absorb substantial amounts of damage. The AEGIS deploys a spherical plasma shield accompanied by a potent electric weapon. While this shield confines their attacks within its bounds, any opponent who ventures inside faces lethal consequences. On the other hand, the Mag Barrier generates an advanced shield that allies can fire through, but enemies cannot. Although it can be destroyed with focused fire and has a considerable cooldown, its strategic deployment can decisively turn the tide of battle.

The Blitz Shield Ability, resembling a Riot Shield, offers less utility but effectively blocks incoming damage. Despite its limitations, it can be a valuable asset in certain situations.

Overall, the Phantoms’ ability to mitigate damage and endure more of it makes them an overwhelmingly strong choice that dominates XDefiant matches. Facing them can be challenging yet using them proves deeply satisfying. Nevertheless, many players hope for a rebalance to ensure other Factions remain competitive, fostering a more balanced gameplay experience.

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